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Flip Penguin is a Mobian penguin and a member of the Arctic Freedom Fighters that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics. He has the ability to slide on ice with his feet.


Flip saved the Knothole Freedom Fighters from freezing to death during the severe weather change caused by Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Weather Annihilator. He later assisted in destroying the device and returned the weather back to its previous state.

Much later, the Arctic Freedom Fighters contacted Rotor Walrus to inform him that the Walrus Herd and his family had been freed from Robotnik's control. Rotor resided with them for a few months until, one day, they suddenly fell under mind control once again and turned on him. Rotor very narrowly escaped; he was rescued by Flip and the others, who watched over him as he recovered. Flip and the other Arctic Freedom Fighters were also among those present attempting to repel the Xorda Attack on Mobius.


Flip's from his first appearance

In 3237, the Arctic Freedom Fighters sent a transmission to New Mobotropolis requesting assistance; the enslaved Walrus Herd was being used to construct and guard what seemed to be a refueling station of some kind, and a local branch of the Dark Egg Legion was overseeing the operation. Deciding and agreeing that they needed to protect their home, the group had devised a plan of attack. When Sonic arrived to provide backup on the mission, Flip explained that part of the plan involved himself, Sealia and Augustus attacking the underwater portion of the enemy base while Sonic would join Guntiver and Erma in assaulting the upper portion. When he noticed that Rotor had not arrived to assist with Sonic, the hedgehog explained that Rotor had suffered a back injury during the Destruction of Knothole and was no longer able to participate on field missions; Flip reacted with visible sadness, removing his hat in honor. While the group traveled through the snow on the way to the base, Sonic attempted to crack jokes about the name of the local city, only to earn a somewhat flat reaction from Flip.

Upon arriving near Eggman's base of operations, Sonic sliced a hole in the ice, gaining access to the water below. Flip, as part of Sealia's team, joked about the term "killer whales" being more frightening than the creatures themselves and proceeded towards the underwater base. Using his superior agility, he managed to swim circles around an orca Legionnaire; however, things took a quick turn for the worst as the local Legion Grandmaster Orca, Akhlut, joined the fray. Using his psychic-sonar, he attacked Flip, Sealia and Augustus, soon throwing the latter from the fight completely. Flip attempted to strike Akhlut while the orca focused his attacks on Sealia, but found himself facing the Grandmaster's fearsome teeth. However, courtesy of Silver the Hedgehog, Akhlut himself was struck and overpowered by a psychic pulse that left him disabled and disoriented, allowing the team to succeed in their mission: the destruction of the tower's underwater portion. Later, over a victory meal in Iceborough, Flip laughingly told the others how the Legion had fled in utter disarray.

Flip and his teammates later joined Team Fighters on their mission to save Mecha Sally from the Death Egg Mark 2, invading a Legion bunker before being joined by Silver. After Silver joined them, the group made its way through an underwater access tunnel only to be attacked by Akhlut and his Legionnaires. They then made their way into the Death Egg interior only to be attacked by Egg SWATs. Surrounded and overwhelmed, the group were then caught up-along with the rest of Mobius-in the effects of the second Genesis Wave.


  • Given that he is a member of the Arctic Freedom Fighters, it seems likely that either Mobian Penguins can be found at the north pole of Mobius or that Flip himself relocated from the south pole.
  • When Flip was introduced, he wore a red cap. In later appearances, the cap was changed into a visor but still kept its color.

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