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Flip Platforms[1] are a Spring-type gimmick that appear in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. They offer both solid footholds and the classic launching mechanics for Springs.


Flip Platforms are hemisphere-shaped platforms. The top flat surface has grass growing on it, and the bottom is detailed with red edges and a gold star in the middle of a blue circle, similar to regular Springs.


Ss 01 081

Sonic and Tails using Flip Platforms in Sylvania Castle Zone Act 2.

The Flip Platforms can only be found in Sylvania Castle Zone Act 2. In gameplay, they float on the surface of the water pools in the Act, where they will rise in concurrently with the water levels. Because of the latter, in certain sections with roofs, the player has to avoid getting crushed between rising Flip Platforms and the roof. The player is able to stand on Flip Platforms normally like regular platforms, but they can also use Sonic's Homing Attack on them to make them flip upside down to reveal a Spring attachment which will launch the player upward to higher sections when touched. The player can also target and dash into the Flip Platforms' Spring attachment with the Homing Attack to make Sonic dash forward in midair.


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