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Sonic X
Flood Fight (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Flood Fight"

Pachacamac : Tikal! The Clan need those seven Emeralds. It is the only way to protect ourselves from our enemies.
Tikal: But taking the Emeralds isn't the way. Please stop! You will regret it forever!
Pachacamac : The Clan has made it's choice and We'll seize the Emeralds now! Warriors Attack!
Tikal: Stop it! AAAAAAAAH!

[The Altar of the Emeralds comes under attack from the Knuckles Clan, who knocks Tikal to the ground and injures many Chao. This enrages Chaos, who devours the Chaos Emeralds and everything whites out and Pachacamac and his clan were destroyed.]

Pachacamac: What is this thing? AAAAAAAAAAAH!
Knuckles: That creature is more powerful than all of us. It can't be stopped.