This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Underground continuity.
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For the Badnik from the Launch Base Zone, see Flybot767. For the character in the Sonic Boom television series, see Spy Bot.

Flybot is a character that appears in the Sonic Underground television series. They are small robotic insects built by Doctor Robotnik.


During an early test of the Flybots, a swarm was sent to attack a village of Freedom Fighters led by Rudy. Several of the Freedom Fighters were affected, but Rudy escaped and met up with the Sonic Underground band when they visited the area to look for Queen Aleena.

Sonic went to investigate the village, which he found had been burned down by Swatbots and had no sign of any remaining Freedom Fighters. He found one Flybot, which he captured in a jar for the group to take apart and examine. Unfortunately, while he was gone Manic went off alone to find a Flybot himself and was stung. Under the serum's control, Manic traveled to Robotropolis, where Robotnik gave him a modified Flybot that would inject a new dose of serum into Manic by radio control.

Manic was returned to his siblings and reported their location to Robotnik, but they discovered the hidden Flybot in his pouch and destroyed it. They then managed to destroy the remaining Flybot swarm by luring it into an electrical storm. Many of the Flybots were destroyed by being struck by lightning, and the others were destroyed by the Freedom Fighters shooting them with guns mounted to the top of the Sonic Underground van.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Flybots are filled with a mind-controlling serum that they can administer to people by means of their stingers. A full dose of serum lasts for about an hour, which is just long enough to bring the controlled individual back to Robotropolis for roboticization. When it wears off, the infected individual has no memory of what happened.


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