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Quotation1 Take to the skies above Angel Island once more aboard Eggman's famed airship armada, making its return from Sonic & Knuckles! Quotation2
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Flying Battery Zone (フライングバッテリー Furaingubatterī?, lit. "Flying Battery") is an upcoming Zone for Sonic Mania. This Zone is a re-imagination of the Flying Battery Zone from Sonic & Knuckles for the Sega Mega Drive.


The Flying Battery is a large, fortified blimp flying high in the sky. In this Zone, there are inside and outside segments. The inside has a purple color scheme with brown-gold toppings and a deep blue background which shows a bit of what's in the blimp. The outside is similar, but with a few grey walls hiding the inside of the ship in some places.


The Flying Battery's most prominent feature is electromagnetic surfaces.[2] These surfaces pull magnetic things in towards them, such as loose spiked balls, spiked balls on chains and Badniks. A new effect is that they can also pull in the player when using a Lightning Shield. The player or Badnik being pulled in will go up to that surface and be stuck on it until either that player jumps or the magnetic surface powers down. There are also boosters that propel the player forward, mesh tubes which spin the player around and fans which players can hang and jump off of. The Zone features moving platforms with harmful fans under them. There are also landmines, large collapsing floors and specially-textured spikes.

New to this Zone are large trash piles of Badniks, Monitors, Sign Posts and scrap metal in general. These trash piles behave like quicksand -- players caught in them gradually sink to the bottom. They can be escaped by jumping out or simply coming out the other end. There are also fan platforms which lift players that are directly above the platform, and moving platforms with a hanger that can be grabbed.




  • The music for Act 1 starts like Sonic 3 & Knuckles' Flying Battery Act 2 music, but then becomes a remix of Act 1's.


Sonic Mania - Flying Battery Zone Reveal00:28

Sonic Mania - Flying Battery Zone Reveal

Sonic Mania - Flying Battery Zone Act 1 Gameplay01:01

Sonic Mania - Flying Battery Zone Act 1 Gameplay

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