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For the Extreme Gear, see Magic Carpet. For the gimmick in Sonic and the Secret Rings, see Jump Carpet.

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Flying Carpet is the second arena in Sonic the Fighters.


The level is set in a desert and the arena is built on top of a flying carpet with guards. Various desert-themed objects can be seen in the background such as pyramids. There is also a Sphinx with a giant Sonic head on it. Amy is the opponent for this level. Once she has been defeated, the player will receive a Pink Chaos Emerald and will proceed to the next round. If playing as Amy, Doctor Robotnik will appear in an Egg Mobile and will create a colorless clone of Amy, whom the player has to defeat.



Sonic the Fighters OST - "Flying Carpet ~Back to Soul~"03:12

Sonic the Fighters OST - "Flying Carpet ~Back to Soul~"

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