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Flying Dog
Flying Dog

Sonic Adventure 2


Security Hall


A large mechanical VTOL multipurpose fighter

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The GUN R-1/A Flying Dog is a VTOL multipurpose fighter armed with a 22 mm Gatling gun, 2 medium range advanced warhead launchers and a 200 mm beam cannon, protected with depleted uranium armor and powered by 7 GUN turbofan engines (11,000 lbs of thrust per engine). This boss is fought after playing Security Hall.


It appears in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic X, where it traps Rouge the Bat on Prison Island, but is defeated. Why it attacked Rouge despite being a GUN agent herself is not explained.

According to Sonic X, it is 3.6 meters in both height and width, and weighs 5.4 tons. There is also an unseen two seater version that presumably looks much like the standard version but the technical data is the same.To defeat him rough must use the cages around her to fly into him and hit him in the cockpit after doing this multiple times he will be defeated he also ha many moves similar to F-6t Bigfoot and B-3x hot shot with move such as the target missiles and lasers he also shoots bullets at rouge and bombs.

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