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Fore! Putt-Putt

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Fore! Putt Putt

Fore! Putt-Putt is a minigame in the Party Mode of Sonic and the Secret Rings. It is based on the sport golf.


Hold the Wii Remote downwards to where the top of the remote is facing the ground. Swing the Wii Remote to hit the golf ball.


Each player must hit the golf ball into the hole in order to win a point. Two courses are used for this minigame: one is a straight-forward course, while the other course is tilted. If the golf ball sinks in the water, the player does not get another chance unless it was their first turn. The player who gets the most points is the winner of this minigame.


  • Don't swing the Wii Remote too fast or too hard. This will cause the ball to go very fast, which makes it difficult to make it into the hole.

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