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Forelock from Sonic the Comic #87. Art by Carl Flint and colouring by Pre-Press.

Forelock is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a grey-furred, anthropomorphic unicorn. He claimed to be a "visitor" to Mobius, and apparently originated from an alternate dimension, although he never revealed which one.


He has pure black eyes and has small gold rings in his ears, left nostril and right eyebrow. His mane is banded into numerous small pigtails. He wears a tunic and a crimson cloak, as well as a jewel pendant around his neck.


Miles "Tails" Prower first encountered Forelock when the unicorn was being attacked by four Badniks. Tails destroyed three of the Badniks, and Forelock destroyed the fourth with an energy blast. He said that he would grant Tails a wish for helping him. When Tails wished for Mobius to be free of Doctor Robotnik, Forelock apparently whisked Tails away to the Metropolis Zone, where Tails found himself holding a rifle in a book depository, overlooking a passing open-top motorcade in which Robotnik was riding. Forelock told Tails that he should shoot Robotnik to free the planet of his evil, but Tails knew that it was wrong and refused.

Forelock then returned Tails to the clearing where they met and admitted that he had merely shown Tails an illusion in order to test Tails. Tails made the right choice, since pulling the trigger would have made him just as evil and ruthless as Robotnik. Promising Tails that, if he continues to follow his good instincts, his wish will one day come true, Forelock floated off the ground and then vanished into thin air.[1]

Powers and abilities

Forelock appears to have some magical talent, such as the ability to shoot energy blasts from his hands.


  • His name is based of a forelock is the part of a horse's mane that grows from the animal's poll (top of the head) and falls between the ears and onto the forehead. It is also a pun on the word warlock, meaning a magic user or male witch.


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