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I'm getting annoyed with games with Shadow in them. Falling out of space isn't something a person could survive just by being put in a tube.(Stupid Sonic Heroes)

Anyway, my idea revolves mainly around Chaos,Chao,and the Master Emerald. If I end up getting around to making it, it'll be unmarketed of course. Last time I got sued

I ended up changing my name to Bob an moved to Toledo. All I'll mention is a car, a bottle of soda, and a big misunderstanding.Chaos,Eggman,andTikal each have a story about svaing the chao and some other stuff.I'll make sure I mention Shadow being dead at least 10 times. And there will also be a new method of bosting skills and stamina.

I 'd put mini stages for Chao and more than just the old hero,dark,and neutral gardens. So if you wanna make yourself a little unpublished game theres your backbone.

 ; )

How would you do this game? Cause I have some questions...--Nahum the Moonhog 00:33, April 22, 2010 (UTC)

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