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Forums: Index > Questions > Can Female Seedrian's True form which is a Giant Tree Make Offsprings and give Birth to Offsprings known as Seedrians?

My guess Yes Female Seedrians Give Birth to The Offsprings known as Seedrians By Making a Seeds of Their Clan. Cosmo gave Sonic Her Seed and give Birth to Her Last Female Child of Her Offspring when She Was Destroyed. Sonic Gave Tails Cosmo's Child which is a White Seed the Last Remaining Part of Cosmo. it growing in a Flower Pot in Tails' Workshop and Finale it Growing in a Fower Pot in Tails' Workshop. Tails will Take Care of Cosmo's Female Child. Her are Questions of Cosmo's Child:

A: New Cosmo

B: Child of Cosmo

C: Cosmo Herself

Amwser is: