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so, i have sonic unleashed for the PS3 and i completed tornado act 2, i completed eggmanland, i completed egg dragoon, then i got to the first battle with dark gaia and completed it. the sequence then took me to the second battle with dark gaia where sonic is super sonic, and because i had been playing for so long my hands and back where aching badly so i stopped playing. BIG MISTAKE. i went back to the world map to see that my eggmanland completetion and my defeat of the egg dragoon was saved but nothing else. when i played through eggmanland and defeated egg dragoon again it just took me back to the world map. i went back and searched in shamar where the professor was but it was no use. does anyone have any clue what may have happened or is anyone able to tell me what i can maybe do?????!!!!! please i am pulling my hair out over this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant complete the game and restore the final section of earth, please help!!!!!!!

I don't know, I'm afraid. You might want to ask the guys over at TSC. Sorry that I'm of so little help.--The prefessional launchballer is The Duchy of Effenhauer Junior and is very resourceful. 07:32, 13 June 2009 (UTC)

Is that all? Hit me with a hard one next time. You see, your problem is that you are facing the final boss. When you face the final boss there are no rest points, they only time to take a break is durring the sequences in-between battles. I've played the game before (yes the PS3 version, otherwise this advice would be useless) and I know how hard Perfect Dark Gaia is ( but ironicly, his pre-final-boss form, Dark Gaia, is a pain in the quills) and since it takes so much to even get to him, it is so frustrating to go through all of it again. So, the point of what I'm saying is that when you face him again, no brakes. Unfortunatly, life has given you distractions for the moment such as parents, sibblings, chores, time (which seems to move faster than Sonic when your playing a game), eating, and of course the most imfamous problem: going to the bathroom. If any of these problems occur (for the case of parents and sibblings, buging you to death, either in the game or litteraly) you can either complain/beg your parents to give you a few minutes (30 for the credits) and try to avoid an argument (if possible), calmly tell your older/younger brother/sister (if you have any) to let you be and if that doesn't work then just yell at them to buzz off, take as much time as you need ( but it doesn't hurt to rush a little when it comes to Sonic games), try to fight the hunger for just a little longer ( uh but a Chili Dog sounds so good right now), and fight off your bladder so you can beat the game before your bladder eventually explodes/implodes or before you wet your pants for the sake of the game (not again!). However if nothing goes your way than there is one final resort that works on all of the problems, PAUSE. It may waste time and you may also be increasing your family's gas and electric bill but when it comes to distractions than it is the only choice you got. Besides, when you pause than you can do anything! You can do what ever it is the rest of the family is bugging you about (if they are asking for a turn though, then you might want to compromise), recover from the time warp you just arived from (9:00 PM? But it was 7:30 AM 5 minutes ago!), grab a quick snack, and finally give in to your bodily functions (belching is exceptable though, since it doesn't necessarily require the bathroom). Pauseing the game durring the boss battle is the best option out of the bunch, I mean, that's why they invented the option. Plus you can also think/re-think your strategies before you continue. Now for getting back to the battle, it's simple. All you have to do is return to EggmanLand, redo the closest mission to Dark Gaia, possible the Egg Dragoon, beat the yolk out of Eggman again and laugh about it (again), endure Dark Gaia again ( you might want to have a lot of one-ups), and when you become Super Sonic and face Perfect Dark Gaia again, then do what you gotta do (with the option of pauseing in mind). Doing it all over again may be frustraiting, but it's all worth it in the end. I've done the battle thousands of times (I get really board) but taking my advice is a good decision since I've completed the game and I have about more than half of all of the trophies. I hope this helps you. This may be one of the longest comments I have ever made but it was for a good reason.--Sonic the Hedgehog! 02:24, 20 June 2009