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Do any of you guys go on facebook?

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when I turn a year older maybe I could get one, wait I don't even know you! I know a few people here that do but won't tell 'cuz they may not want me to......... What Comes UpMust come down....

I'm just asking because i would like to talk to you guys without having to wait for a response. That, and i am tired of the lag Shelly's page is causing. Multiverseman 19:02, May 19, 2010 (UTC)
 :hello? Am i the only one here that goes on facebook?!?!?!? ....That's just sad.
im on fb!! but id rather not give away mehh user. srry

Shadow 5
DiscoDuck – ----DiscoDuck The Original
TALK – 11:24, June 8, 2010 (UTC)
Hmph well the common word FACEBOOK isnt common for a gamer you see, it simply sucks, if u think im wrong then you have fb issues, cuz i have serious fb issues..creepy ones (Hey havent seen a duck on fb lately).

In other words i hate facebook because it can ruin a person's life and can get out of control for sensetive people and religions (It got banned for days in some place) but then again, no its ok if u SSN users are on fb so im not tryna be rude, do wat u think is right puppy1, its only that im dufferent (I hopre no mizu's or 14's shout at me, so I please *mercy* *Maybe*), only some respect to add in thats all, i might mean it or NOT

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