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I am creating a new wiki that is similar to Sonic Sound Test Wiki. I built an idea off of Sonic Sound Test Wiki. Have you noticed how many people and their dog have created remixes of Sonic stuff? THOUSANDS UPON HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS I bet you.

I'm one of them. I have a professional recording studio and when I'm not recording vocal stuff (look here to see an example... great song... not so great of a music video) and when I'm not doing that, I'm created remixes of video game soundtracks, Sonic being one of them. So far I've finished around 35 remixes (yet I've done probably about like 60 but those never made it let's just say).

Anyways, my idea is that it is a Sonic Remixes Wiki! We are able to submit our own remixes (though, other than using YouTube, I really don't know how to submit something) and find Sonic remixes already done by someone else (we just have to make sure that there aren't any "rights reserved" so that we can get it on here... the full length of the song).

If any of you know what OverClocked Remix is, it is a site completely on just video game remixes. We would be able to get a lot of songs from there easily. Check it out!

Most of the rules there would be the same as most Wikias. You know, stuff like, "No cussing" (and mostly "hell" is an exception) and... bah I'm forgeting them all right now! Comment and tell me other general rules. A good one would be "Don't take a song and put it on this site if there have been 'rights reserved' for the song". "Nothing inappropriate, or, in YouTube's case, no suggestive pictures on the video/song" if you know what I mean. Those are just some rules.

I would be creating this wiki soon if everyone actually approved of it and thought it was good. Sonicrox14/Shelly approved of it.

Please ask any questions if you need to know something! I know I'm leaving something out.

--Rainbowroad6w 03:09, February 26, 2011 (UTC)