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I remember quite a strange Knuckles-based comic that a friend of mine had, mid 90s era, I've been looking up all these comics but nothing seems to spark my memory.

I don't think it was traditional comic book size, it was a bit smaller. The story seemed very grim, I seem to remember Knuckles being really tired sweaty/wrinkly. Dying I guess. And the front cover (from the best of my memory) involved some sort of turqouise and gold coloured machine/robot.

I dunno if it was a one off or not. But I seem to remember that it MIGHT have made an appearance in one of the artwork sections in one of the sonic compilation games. Sonic Jam/Gems/Plus or something.

I guess what my question is, is can anyone help me pin down this comic?

Thanks a lot


sorry everyone, i managed to find it and the information isn't that accurate at all, it was Issue #3 of the 'Sonic's Buddy Tails' mini-series, not knuckles based at all! but somehow i was right with the turqouise and gold robot haha94.174.6.169 19:14, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

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