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This really needs to be brought to light here, I see loads of creative signatures and talk-bubbles, but some of them are getting WAAAAAAAY too large.

I'm not dissing Signatures in general, but I would like to have a conversion without one obnoxiously large sig cutting it in two. The same goes for Talk-Bubbles, if the image is too large, then it needs to be at least resized.

I say there needs to be some rudimentary guideline for signature sizes (I.E. No signature can be over the height of the text, and no talk bubble can have an image over X height) --AdmiralLevi.Signiture BAdmiralLevi. Salute B 17:09, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

To add to the above, some users here don't timestamp on their signatures, this makes it difficult to find out how long ago a user left a message. I say all users need to timestamp on their messages, always. AdmiralLevi.Signiture BAdmiralLevi. Salute B 13:21, September 16, 2010 (UTC)
That's easy enough. To produce a timestamp without a signature, e.g. for use in a Word Bubble, users just have to type 5 tildes: ~~~~~. -- Supermorff 17:49, September 16, 2010 (UTC)


I agree with the sentiment, and have sometimes considered the same thing myself. It would be easier, I think, to restrict the height of images in talk bubbles, since they already have a fixed width. Not so sure about inline signatures. Even though I think that large inline signatures look worse, by their nature they take up less space anyway and so are less of an actual problem. I certainly don't see any need (yet) to restrict to the actual height of the text, but maybe an upper limit of two equivalent lines of text? -- Supermorff 18:43, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

I'm afraid I have to agree with Supermoff and Levithan. The whole colourful-bubble thing has become a bit of a fad on this Wiki, and while we may have allowed it in these past few months, let's say the user took said signature to a Wiki where this would be against the rules. -- Shelly the Hedgehog Amy to ShellyI'm not a monkey! 06:40, September 12, 2010 (UTC)