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I've been seeing more bad behaviour over the past months, and I have a few ideas for rules and guidelines that I stole borrowed from a local forum. Keep in mind, these are only suggestions, but they should really be considered and approved by our local house of congress Admins if they think a certain rule is needed.


1: Fans Only! This wiki is ONLY reccomemded for those who enjoy Sonic The Hedgehog. If you don't care about STH and it's not why you're here, then why the heck ARE you here? There are plenty of other wikis out there on the 'net.
2: Play Nice! In other words: no flaming. Be respectful to other users and try to keep a positive attitude. Also, do not be too critical of the creations of our members.
3: Watch the Language! No cursing, profanity, vulgarity, or saying anything that would offend anyone of a particular race, nationality, religion, etc. Certain words are allowed only in writing boards for atmosphere, but even there they should be used sparingly.
4: No Adult Material! Keep all content rated E for Everyone. This also means no linking to websites that contain adult material.
5: NO SPAM! Keep your posts (on blogs and forums) a decent length (preferably one (or more) sentence(s), and ALWAYS more than one word!), and do not post repeatedly simply to build your edit count. The edit count is irrelevant to your actual prestige here on the wiki. Also, do not double-post; that's what the "edit" button is for. You may only "bump" (Post/edit after a long period of time) a blog (or a forum) until the topic reaches a month and a half of age.

6: No Advertising! You may post a link to your personal website in your profile, and you may link to certain web pages when they are relevant to the topic. You may NOT post a brand new blog/forum/page or send messages to our users to advertise for a particular site.
7: No Alternate Accounts. Only one account is allowed per person. Secondary accounts will be deleted upon discovery, and your original account will be warned. If you make a second account to sidestep a suspension or high warn, both accounts will be banned. You may only make a second account if it is for your sibling or someone else who lives in your household. Please mention the reason for your second account.
8: No Posting/editing for Banned Members. A bit of an odd one to have to spell out, but a rule nonetheless. If someone has been banned from the site then they can come back, but it's up to the Admins and 'Crats, not you. So if someone is currently banned don't post anything on their behalf.
9: The Respect Rule. Last but not least, you must show the proper level of respect to all administrators and buearcrats. Arguing with the administration can get you banned. If you think a mod is abusing their power, report them directly to a higher level buearcrat or an admin.

Those are all of the "rules," but here are a few other things that we should make rules out of (or at least take into consideration):

No "playing admin," just report bad posts/edits. You are not an Admin. That means, when you see a post/edit that breaks the rules, do NOT reply with a 'admin-playing' post like "That's spam, you troll. This will be closed." First of all, you don't have the authority to make such a decision or take such an action, and secondly, you're just like feeding the troll by replying and making the problem worse. Instead, report the person/post to a local admin.
The rules apply to everything. Just so you know, you can still be punished for making derisive remarks about this website or flaming other members even if you do it outside SNN, such as on another wiki or through a chat program. And believe me, we'll find out, Sid... We toys can see eeeeevryyyythiiiiing. So play nice.

Admiral Sig Halloween 03:28, October 19, 2010 (UTC)

Sadly, most of these rules are already in place here...--Kagimizu-Seeya 'round 03:46, October 19, 2010 (UTC)

Still, I feel the 'Rules appy to everything', 'No posting for banned members', 'No advertising', 'No spam', and 'No playing adim' rules/suggestions should be taken into consideration, since we've been having an alarmingly large amount of mini-mods, trolls and flameartisits (People devoted to starting flamewars) on this wiki, as well as the fact that I've found several users trying to form bias in their favor at other wikis. Admiral Sig Halloween 03:31, October 20, 2010 (UTC)