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Welcome to the Site discussions. This is the forum to discuss and propose changes and improvements to the Sonic News Network. (For questions about the site/Sonic series/etc. or discussion about general topics, rather than discussions of proposed changes to the site, please use Forum:Questions, Forum:General or Forum:Editing projects instead.)

When posting a new site discussion or making comments on an open site discussion, please refrain from templating your comments inside talk bubbles, word balloons, or other excessively large templates. They are unprofessional and unnecessary. Such templates may still be used on other talk page namespaces and other forums.

Discussions will remain open for at least three days.


For closed and archived site discussions, see Forum:Closed site discussions.

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Badges to the Wiki?03:16, September 3, 2016BlueSpeeder
Chat rule17:03, January 12, 2016Bullet Francisco
New Wikia Forum Layout11:18, January 3, 2015Supermorff Bot

Ongoing site discussions

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