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I'm not sure how useful this will be to you guys, but here it is. It's a save file generator created by XFox Prower of the Tails Archive. It's used to edit various values for save files in Sonic 3 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles in Sonic & Knuckles Collection for the PC. So you don't have to look at the Help Page, I'll list the editable values and what they do here.

In Sonic 3 (1P Mode)

  • File Type: Check the box labeled NEW to make the file, well new.
  • Character: Select a character. Choose Sonic and Tails, Sonic Alone, Tails Alone, or Knuckles*.
  • Stage: Select a Zone. Choose Angel Island, Hydrocity, Marble Garden, Carnival Night, Flying Battery* (it's considered part of Sonic 3), Ice Cap, Launch Base, or CLEAR.
  • Emerald: Check each box to make the Chaos Emerald checked identified on your save file. However, this doesn't mean anything without editing the next value (you can't even turn into Super Sonic or Super Knuckles, nor will you get the good ending), so you may as well skip this value.
  • Number of Emeralds: This is the value that affects whether you can transform or not, whether you have the Super Sonic icon on your save file or not, AND whether you get the good ending or not, which is why you should skip the previous value.
  • Last Special Stage Entered: The last special stage you entered. If you set this to 7, check off all of the Emeralds, but DON'T set your Emerald Count to 7, you can access the 8th hidden special stage.
  • Special Stage Rings: How many special stage rings are not available for the current stage. When you have cleared the game, this is no longer used.

*Note: Values marked with an * are highlighted red. This doesn't mean the game will screw up on you, just that these values are not available under normal circumstances. There WILL still be some problems though. I know some of them; feel free to post any you encounter on this forum.

In Sonic 3 & Knuckles (1P Mode)

  • File Type: Same as Sonic 3.
  • Character: Same as Sonic 3.
  • Stage: All from Sonic 3, plus Mushroom Hill, Sandopolis, Lava Reef, Hidden Palace, Sky Sanctuary, Death Egg, and Doomsday.
  • Clear Icon: Four seperate values.
    • Not Clear: The file hasn't been cleared yet.
    • Ending 1: The file has been cleared and has the normal Sonic, normal Tails, or normal Knuckles icon.
    • Ending 2: The file has been cleared and has the Super Sonic, Tails with a thumbs up, or Super Knuckles icon.
    • All Clear: The file has been cleared and has the Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles "congratulation" icon.
  • Emerald: Four seperate values.
    • None: The Chaos Emerald hasn't been collected yet.
    • Chaos: The Chaos Emerald has been collected.
    • In Hidden Palace: The Chaos Emerald has been collected, but deposited in the Hidden Palace Zone.
    • Super: The Chaos Emerald has been enhanced by the Master Emerald.
  • Lives: How many lives you have.
  • Continues: How many continues you have.
  • Last Special Stage Entered: Same as Sonic 3.
  • Special Stage Rings: Same as Sonic 3.

In Competition Mode

  • 1st Place: Edit the character and time used for first place. Make sure this is the 1st fastest time.
  • 2nd Place: Edit the character and time used for second place. Make sure this is the 2nd fastest time.
  • 3rd Place: Edit the character and time used for third place. Make sure this is the 3rd fastest time.

Well, there ya go. --SSRider 04:45, 5 July 2009 (UTC)