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I've seen many failed attempts at trying to establish Sonic's timeline, too many people put spin-offs with the series or Sonic X's story or even Archie's comicbook stories. This is probably the best timeline you'll read but I'm not sure if this is 100% accurate.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1(1991)

Sonic must stop the evil Dr. Robotnik from taking over the world.

Sonic the Hedghog 2(1992)

Sonic meets Miles "Tails" Prower for the first time in West Side Island but run into Dr. Robotnik who tries to take over the world once again.

Sonic CD(1993)

Sonic travels solo to Never Lake to view the mysterious Little Planet, little does he know that Amy Rose is already there waiting to meet him for the first time. To make things complicated, Dr. Robotnik has already chained Little Planet to Earth and now Sonic must free the planet and save Amy from Robotnik's newest creation, Metal Sonic, before it's too late!

Sonic the Hedgehog 3(1994)

Sonic and Tails travel to Angel Island, a mysterious island that floats above Earth, to stop Dr. Robotnik from repairing the Death Egg, however, this won't be easy as a red echidna named Knuckles is tricked by Robotnik into thinking Sonic is after the Master Emerald.

Sonic and Knuckles(1994)

The Death Egg falls back on Angel Island once again along with Sonic who must stop Robotnik from stealing Master Emerald, but Knuckles is back, and ready to try and stop Sonic once again.

Sonic 4: Episode 1(2010)

Sonic decides to go solo again, but finds Robotnik trying to take over the world again.

Sonic 4: Episode 2(2012)

Little Planet has once again reappeared and Robotnik takes it back like he has before and repairs Metal Sonic who has survived his last battle with Sonic, who has returned along with Tails to free Little Planet once more.

Sonic Adventures(1998)

After a long deserved vacation, Sonic, now a grown teenager, finds Robotnik(Now known as Eggman by Sonic and friends), trying to destroy the world with a new villian, Chaos. But to acomplish this, he needs the 7 chaos emeralds in order to do so. Sonic and friends must stop Eggman once again.

Sonic Adventures 2(2001)

Shadow is a black hedgehog created decades ago before Sonic was even born. Dr. Eggman decides to look into his grandfather's past experiences which leads him to infiltrate Prison Island and free Shadow from his long captivity. Shadow becomes a useful ally for Dr. Eggman to but Shadow will only grant his "wish" if Eggman brings the chaos emeralds to him on Space Coloy Ark. Meanwhile, Sonic tries to enjoy himself, only to find himself accused of being the black hedgehog. Now he must stop this confusion, Eggman's plans, and most importantly, Shadow.

Sonic Heroes(2003)

Sonic and his friends Tails and Knuckles recieve a letter from Eggman who lets them know that he is planning on conquering the world once again, now they must work as a team to foil his plans but little do they know that they will run into their other friends and rivals and that a returning evil has come back to have his revenge on Sonic.

Shadow the Hedgehog(2005)

Shadow must stop the Black Doom invasion from destroying the world and find out more about his mysterious past.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2006(2006 obviously)

Sonic must rescue Princess Elise from being kidnapped by Dr. Eggman, but Silver, a hedgehog from the future is told by a mysterious figure, that Sonic will become the cause of the end of the world. Silver comes to the past to stop Sonic from causing the disaster.

Sonic World Adventure or Sonic Unleashed(2008)

Eggman with his new fleet floating above Earth, attempt to take over the world but Sonic destroys the fleet and becomes Super Sonic to chase Eggman back to his flagship. Seemingly Eggman surrenders and Sonic is distracted while Eggman traps him and reverts him back to normal Sonic and then turns him into a werehog. He shoots the Earth which causes it to break into pieces and then sends Sonic and the emeralds droping back to the planet. Sonic with the help of a new found friend, Chip, must now rebuild the Earth and stop Eggman from awakening an ancient evil.

Sonic Colors(2010)

Eggman claims to have turned good and to prove it, he builds an interstellar amusement park. Sonic who is accompanied by Tails, thinks Eggman is up to something and explores the area to find that Eggman has stolen aliens and their planets. Sonic and Tails both must to free the aliens and their planets from Eggman's new plan.

Sonic White Spacetime or Sonic Generations(2011)

It's Sonic's birthday, and his friends planned a party for him. Their party is short lived when a time consuming monstrosity interrupts the party and kidnaps all his friends. While on his way to rescue them, he meets his younger self from the past and the two work together to stop whoever is up to this evil scheme.

This took up alot of space but let me know what you think or if I did anything wrong-Classicsonicawesome 22:21, March 23, 2012 (UTC)

GREAT!!! But CD can't come in between 2 & 3, because though time did come between them, there was not enough time between them to fit another adventure. Oh and you might not know, but Rush is canon because in Generations, Blaze's profile states that she protects the Sol Emeralds. But DON'T ask me about her plot hole!

by: "The Caminator" 19:08, April 6, 2012 (UTC)

Sonic's timeline is rather obsurce, as there are plenty of little, not-so-well-known sonic games that don't particulary fit into the sonic canon, however, I think our Sonic the Hedgehog series page does a good job of it. Myself 123 23:10, April 4, 2012 (UTC)

CD was the only mistake, but i'm sure this is accurate because he said he'll only include games made PRIMARILY by Sonic Team. Like the more well known console series. There is even a page on the "Main Console Series". Spin-offs like Riders, and the ones made by Dimps just can't fit well in the timeline. 04:49, April 5, 2012 (UTC)

This timeline is influenced, but not completely, by ArchangelUK from TheSonicStadium, who used to be some sort of maneger with Sega of Europe, and had a direct connection with Sonic Team.' He claims that, yes, riders IS canon.

AAUK's 'official statement

QUOTE Sonic Chronicles is not canon.

Or cannon. Or Ganon. Or Gammon. Or Jimmy Fallon.

We've already had this on Bumbleking. "I want someone from SOJ or Bioware otherwise its not real" I've got news for you, good luck finding either on here or on Bumbleking. If SOE/A word isn't good enough for you you're REALLY in the wrong forum!

Now you can either take the word of the Community Manager who has worked on ever single Sonic related game since Rush Adventure, who knows the standpoint on Chronicles from Japan, has discussed such matters with Sonic Team and coincidentally, has been the only one to actually address this with you guys orrr you can cling on to the belief that the events of Chronicles are somehow now written in stone for all things Sonic.

Its highly likely some points will bleed in to canon, but the only "events" that should realistically be considered current game series canon and defining the story of Sonic's world are those from the main thread of consoles titles post-Sonic Adventure. Even then some of those events that happened within have been retconed over the years to varying degrees.

So to my knowledge the following are concrete as having "happened".

- ARK Incident (50 Years Ago) - {Events Of Sonic 1-3&K in some form} - Station Square Incident, Unleashing of Perfect Chaos (SA1) - Awakening Of Shadow, Fall Of ARK (SA2) - Return of Metal Sonic and the overthrow of Eggman (Heroes) - Coming Of The Black Comet and The Black Arms War (ShTH) - The shattering of the world / Coming of Dark/Light Gaia. (Unleashed) - The Encounter With The Wisps (Colours)

I hope I've not left anything out... the might change their minds in time. Now, i'm not counting Sonic 4 in this currently as obviously we don't know the full story with that as yet, I think you can probably pencil it in if you like after S&K in that list. Storybook - No. M&S - No. Rush/Rush Adv - You can't really say it is as its the whole future/alternate dimension thing which has already proven to be in flux. Sonic 06 - The events of the game prevented it from ever happening in the first place. Rivals - arguably R2 might be, but you've got the whole future thing with Silver again. Everything I've heard tells me no to both however.

Of course to me I'm quite open to the fact that there are multiple-continuities Original Mobius Story/Modern Earth Continuity/Fleetway/Archie/SatAM/Underground/Sonic X/etc and try not to get hung up on such details about which is the "true" one... QUOTe

Classic Saga

Sonic Generations 1sts: Modern and Classic Sonic, Modern and Classic Miles "Tails" Prower, Classic and Modern Dr. "Eggman" Robotnik, Modern Knuckles, Modern Amy, Cream, Rouge, Vector, Charmy, Espio, Blaze, Classic Metal Sonic, Shadow, Silver

Sonic begins his adventure in Green Hill after Dr. Kintobor becomes Dr. Robotnik Dr. Robotnik begins trapping the animals on Earth in robots. Though Dr. Eggman from the future comes in the Time Eater and turns Sonic into White. He is unknowingly revived by Sonic from about 5 years in the future. They join up and with the help of 2 Tails' must take down this "Dr. Eggman" before it's too late! Present Time's Sonic learns that Dr. Robotnik is working with Dr. Eggman, who reveals that he is Robotnik of the future. Present Tails exclaims "DR. ROBOTNIK!" "No one calls me that anymore," replies Present Eggman. The Sonics' friends give thee Sonics courage, and Our times Sonic becomes Super Sonic for the 1st time (as seen by his reaction) and defeat the Eggmen. Present Sonic must return to his time along with Tails, and unknowingly to future Sonic, create an alternate timeline where Present Sonic knows "his" "future". (May be elaborated in Sonic Dimensions)

Sonic 1 (in some form)

Back in the past of Future Sonic's dimension, running parallel with with the alternate dimension Sonic's adventures. SegaSonic (This dimension's Sonic) meets the evil Dr. Robotnik and must save his animal friends. I don't believe the emerald search in this game is canon, as there is no explanation as to why the emeralds are gone after this game. (Without all million as in archie seven, their magnetic properties can't spread them out) Sonic destroys Robotnik's Scrap Brain Facility, and restores the animals freedom. However, Robotnik vows revenge, and begins construction on his new Death Egg, Patent Pending, Robotnik Labs Incorporated...

Sonic 2

After a few months, Sonic the Hedgehog is out on a run when a bullied fox, Miles Prower AKA Tails, sees and follows Sonic. When Tails discovers the Tornado, Sonic finds the Tornado in the Emerald Hills, and is amazed at how well the boy can keep up with him. They quickly become close friends, but they must stop their playing to take out the newly launched Death Egg. On the way, Tails tells Sonic about the fabled Chaos Emeralds before learning that they truly exist in the Special Zone. They collect the Emeralds before making it to the Wing Fortress where Sonic must fight alone because the Tornado with Tails was shot down. Sonic finally makes it to the Death Egg, where he supposedly destroys the ship. Sonic flies down with Tails who has fixed the Tornado in incredible time. They then take a vacation to Angel Island where a red echinda attacks them...

Sonic 3 and Knuckles (in some form)

Knuckles steals the Chaos emeralds from Sonic, being tricked by Robotnik that he is an enemy come to take the Master Emerald.While Sonic and Tails are entangled by Knuckles, the doc repairs the Death Egg and preps it for launch.

Sonic manages to jump on the Death Egg just as it’s flying off. After confronting the madman on the Death Egg, Sonic defeats Robotnik once more and the Death Egg plummets back to Angel Island.

Back on the ground Dr. Robotnik begins the repairing of the Death Egg again. Feeling Knuckles has served his purpose, he sends EggRobo to eliminate this potential threat. EggRobo finds Knuckles relaxing in Mushroom Hill and drops a bomb on him but Knuckles manages to survive. Enraged, the Wild Echidna sets off to defeat EggRobo. Meanwhile Sonic and Tails explore the island to find traces of the Death Egg and find out Robo-butt’s fate. They meet Knuckles outside the Emerald Shrine (NOT Hidden Palace, which has been retconned). During the fight, Sonic sees 2 murals, one depicting a water dragon taking out the echindas, the other showing a certain blue hedgehog fighting a Robotnik-esqe robot. After an Epic showdown between Sonic and Knuckles, the fattie uses the opportunity to finally steal the Master Emerald and re-launches the Death Egg. With the power of the emeralds, Super Sonic goes after Robotnik, who has taken the Master Emerald into space.

Sonic and Tails secure the Master Emerald and return it to Knuckles on Angel Island. With it’s power restored, the Angel Island lifts off into the sky as Sonic and Tails fly off into the sunset. Sonic departs from Tails to explore "new" territories...

by: "The Caminator" 19:07, April 6, 2012 (UTC)

Sonic Dimensions? That game is fake, it's a hoax. Even the president of Sonic Team said so himself that "it's nothing but a hoax"! 03:42, April 14, 2012 (UTC)

Oh, OK! Let's continue.

Transition to Modern/Dreamcast/Metal Sonic's Revenge Saga

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I

Sonic takes off into the distance to take another attempt at a vacation before meeting Dr. Robotnik, who is very much alive, either through luck or the need for revenge against Sonic. Now trying to make himself known as Eggman, Sonic gives chase, unknowingly causing the start of Dr. Eggman's plot. The hedgehog takes out the doc's machines, eventually making it to the huge Death Egg-esqe station, the E.G.G. Station. Sonic destroys the Giant Mech and escapes, using his Chaos Emeralds to reinspire life in the Splash Hills. He gives chase to Eggman, eventually hitting a signpost...

Sonic CD

Sonic steps 4 years into the past of Mobius Earth, and decides to take advantage of the time of year to try, for the 3rd or 4th time, to take a vacation, but to Little Planet. He comes across an 8-year old girl named Amy Rose, who declares Sonic as her true love because of her tarot cards. She is captured by a blue robotic figure, called Metal Sonic, built by the Dr. Robotnik of this time after analyzing Sonic's destroying of the BADNIKS (!!!). Sonic proceeds to travel through time to stop Dr. Robotik's plot to conquer the world and Little Planet. Sonic takes out Metal Sonic, and rescues Amy from Robotnik's Clutches. 23:14, May 8, 2012 (UTC)