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Hey just wanted to let you know that im malking a weekly column that will be featured on my userpage, this just a example of what is to be featured each week.

"Alrighty where now in week two of this beautiful amazing weekly columm I pulled out of my ass, hope your enjoying it thus far."

Well now its the beautiful month of May and I cant help but be blown away about how much the landscape of the earth changes over the years. Kinda reminds me how much Sonic's world is constantly changing, hes been to green hills, power plants, aquatic ruins, outer space, subspace, and even subterranean. Which areas are the best, well thats what were here to find out.

Marvel at the

Top Ten Best Sonic Zones


Heroes 17

10: Frog Forest

My personal favorite zone from Sonic heroes, other than having great music, it has many death defying tricks such as riding on flower pedals, swinging on vines, bouncing of fruit, and grinding on vines while its stll being grown! There is also an interesting system with the frogs where when they make it rain, it can signifigintly affect the landscape. My only problem with this zone is that it can be far to easy to slip up and fall to your death, and not to mention its sister zone "Lost Jungle" is my eaisly most hated stage from Heroes. And even though I like this stage there are much better zones out there.


9: City Escape

Hell yeah!! Now things are getting interesting, and now here we are my favorite stage of Sonic Adventure 2, and can you blame me, you start of by jumping off a helicopter, and go boarding down a hll for god sake. Then you run down buildings, jump of ramps, and get chased be a giant ass monster truck if all that dosent scream badass, I dont know what does. Not only that, it was also a great place for beginners despite all that crazy shit. You learn the basics of Sonic gameplay with the help of your little "pal" omachao. The area is wide enough for you to move around, theres plenty of eaisy enemies for you to deal with, and you get to rock out to kick ass music!! And thats just the first level!

8: Emerald Coast

And here is number 8, if you though city escape was rad wait till you experience this little stage; This stage represents everything sonic , it gives you that "sonic feel", the sonic feel is that never stoooping, race to the horizon, exciting risk it all felling. This stage best signifize the "risk it all" portion, there are plenty of classic robots to smash up (all the while having the signiture animals pop out of them), a beautiful landscape to awh at, many of the springs, loops, were all acoustemed to, and for the finale get chased by a giant whale breaking apart everything in its wake and Sonic just making it out of the fire. Oh and lets not forget one of the best Sonic tracks in the 3D games. Its an excelent thing for newcomers to see when they first play a sonic game, which will make them say "dude I so cant wait for the rest of the levels". This is the second to last 3D sonic stage thats appearing on the list, the number one 3D stage my surprise you.


7: Spagoina

HOLY SHIT YEA!!!!! Spagoina is without a doubt my favorite 3D sonic stage. This stage represent the "never stoooping" portion of the Sonic Feel, and for good reason, It has incredible speed, kickass music, and some great enemies to smack around. I love this stage beyond words really, I do, its just perfect in almost every way. Tell me what can top running on rooftops, drifting through alleyways, grinding down clocks, and facing 3 robots, all the while rocking out to the best 3D sonic track ever. Nothing thats what, also not to mention the shifting between 2D and 3D which never makes the stage to repetitive or monotomus, theres also plenty of platforming all of this constantlly makes the stage a blast to play. I love the stage and you should love it to goddamit.


6: Casino Night Zone

The sonic series has been known for implenting a carnival theme at least one time per game, SA1 had Casinopolis, Heroes had Casino Park, and so on. This I feel is the best incarnation of said theme. While spring yard in Sonic 1 started it, Sonic 2 is perfected it, the music was funkadelic the backround was very colorful,the entire level was nothing but ramps giant springs, elevatory, and slots, like gambleing its hard addiction to break,even when you win 200 rings, you want more, then the eggman icon comes up and BOOM!! You lost it all. Even the boss battle was interesting, thats why the stage is so awesome, it brought a new twist of gameplay, to the Sonic formula.


5: Laybrinth Zone

Now where in the winners circle, not only is this one of the hardest stages in the series, not only is there water, spikes, robots, and the fear of getting crushed, but it also completely hampers sonic speed due to its enclosed area. But due to this, it focus on the platforming aspect of the sonic formula alot more than the others. Even the boss is among the hardest, this stage is among the most challenging and its not in a cheap way either, and trust me, challenge in a sonic game is definetly a good thing.


4: Lava Reef Zone

Yay my favorite zone from Sonic and Knuckles, this zone rocks, it starts in a lava reef, but then it changes into a crystal cave, it reminds you of the laybrinth zone, just with alot more hazards. The landscape is incredible, there is shifting lava, glimmering crystals, and even the Death Egg staring at you from the top of the volcano, truely epic. The boss was probably the most interesting in the normal section of the game, you couldnt hurt him so you have to let the round guy do himself in. There were many secrets hidden within the levels and many hazards as well. Visual this is the most impressive level in the game, and gameplay wise its has near perfect design.


3: Chemical Plant Zone

And now, where at the best zone of Sonic 2, Chemical Plant Zone, this stage is one of the few zones to have branching pathways and tons of water, you could go down a tube get and you wouldnt no where you would shoot out. You may go the entire level without seeing some sections, the tubes you run down would get very steep and you would reach speeds unprecedented and when you change into a ball while running whoo boy prepare for a ride. The stage is hard and it can be nearly impossible not to lose rings. Act 2 is where it gets really hard. Theres plenty of water but no bubles, you always in constant fear of getting crushed be revolving blocks, and there are times where your jumping has to be perscise (last part of act 2), again this level gives a good challenge, but more of the speed element is implemented, and it works very well.


2: Green Hill Zone

Do I need a reason to explain why this number is 2, this stage is what screams classic, and why not, since this is the fist level ever in the Sonic Series, this level is what started everything thats known in the Sonic universe, loops, checkeres hillsides, classic badnik, classic music, classic sound effects, classic classic classic. Today an expert can run threw this stage in 30 seconds, mabey beacuse they have been trying to perfect this stage for years, mabey beacuse this stage stuck in their mind for years, mabey beacuse this stage has the perfect flow, or just mabey this could be the perfect stage. This colorful masterpeice deserves its place in the number 2 position, but I bet your wondering "what kind of stage could possibly surpass Green Hill Zone", the answer might surprise everybody.


1: Doomsday Zone/Death Egg Zone

These to Zones where so unbelieveably awesome that I had to include them both for the number 1 position the Death Egg Zone, and the Doomsday Zone. Lets start with the Death Egg Zone, it kicks ass theres so many reasons why this stage is the best lets start, shall we. The gravity constantly changes on you, causing you to rethink the way you play the stage, there are these gates which send you flying through a trail of golden ring which can be a wild ride, there is an entire room where you rin your ball form and you have to activate switches by bouncing on them which can be great fun, the level is so damn huge that you can even skip entire sections without ever seeing them, there is also the extremely hard parts when your on a conveyor belt and you have to dodge missels that are constantly being fired at you. And even the two bosses were a blast to fight, The first one was a gaint cindrilical like robot with two spiked platforms, now if your not super sonic this boss can be extremely difficult. The second boss is even more interesting, you have to manipulalte the gravity to take it down, again using a siffrent gameplay style thats not fimail to the run of the mill Sonic fan. Then..we have the Doomsday Zone, nothing can be more epic than this level, its the final battle, the grand finale of the Death Egg saga the covered 3 entire games, needlees to say its the best zone ever concieved, the gaemplay was one of the only Super Sonic levels, you have to dodge meteors collect rings and defeat Eggman's monstrosity, you have to lead several missiles in his path, then he breaks apart from his shuttle, he makes one desperate attempt to get away with the emerald, and at this time you should spare no expense and go all out on Eggman's ass, what folows is the greatest ending cinematic to the greatest trio of Sonic games. Theses two levels is what earned its place as the two best sonic zones of all time.

Tune in next week for another story from the special zone


By best you going to go through all of them? So your number 1 all time favourate is Frog Forest?--Mystic Monkey 17:46, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

Umm Frog forest is my favorite zone in heroes, not overall, thats why it number 10--MasterTheif43 18:54, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

Id say you should of went by top to bottom in each games.--Mystic Monkey 19:17, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

1= Best, 10= least best. how is that hard to understand, plus doing a top 10 for each game would have taken way to long MasterTheif43 19:26, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

I agree with you there because there are normally only 8 zones in each game, or around that number.--Milotheechidna 21:53, 6 May 2009 (UTC)

is anyone else concerned by the content?The Chosen One Of Fire 10:39, 9 May 2009 (UTC)