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For the last few months, I have been working on a sonic series I would like to write. While I want to make this on my vision, I would like to stick as close to the material as possible. So, I want to get feedback from other fans before I write something that off putting.

1. The story would focus on a goal that Sonic would want to achieve for himself, not just him fighting Eggman. While Eggman would be the main protagonist, Sonic would have his own goal, possibly in conflict with Eggman's.

2. The series would start out by revolving around a five-man band of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy& Bunnie, although the group would grow beyond this. The beginning story arc would follow how they meet, their backstory and their own individual goals.

3. As I said Eggman would be the MAIN antagonist, not only. As the story progresses the cast would become enemies of an extremist echidna sect that was out to force all to believe in their own cause. (possibly connected to Knucles's backstory but i dont want to be predicable). And possibly the freedom fighters in a sense that they want all fighters against eggman to be under their control instead of freelancing.

4. Characters from both the games and SATAM ( mainly games) would appear, but I would like to change or create backstories for some characters. Sally for example, would come from a rich background but not a princess. Also, characters known to the series would be the main focus as I want to avoid creating creating characters unless necessary for plot development(ex.antagonists or parents), and would rarely be reoccurring.

So what do you think? Please comment or ask questions. I want to try to make this as great as possible.

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