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So, I've noticed that worlds seem to collide a lot here. By worlds, I mean continuities. For example, in an article on Doctor Eggman, under Family Members, it mixes game characters with comic book exclusive characters. Basically, this Wiki is like a mixing bowl, where every single form of Sonic media tries to blend together to create one super large continuity. Since Sonic continuities are completely different, this just doesn't work.

So here's my Super Special Awesome Idea(TM). We divide articles by continuity. Instead of having one article on Sonic saying that in the games he lives on Earth and in the comics he lives on Mobius, et-cetera, we have multiple articles on him, covering his various continuities. So, we'd have an article called "Sonic (Games)" , telling about his whole game life, and we'd have an article called "Sonic (Archie Comics)" telling about his whole comic life, and other similar things. We'd be a lot more organized, and articles would be a lot less confusing.

Of course, this would take a tremendous amount of rewriting, but that's something this Wiki desperately needs anyhow. Another problem would be that this job is too big for one nerd sitting at a laptop. I'm no expert on other Sonic universes besides the games (and maybe Sonic X, since I did see all the episodes of that), so we'll need to get more writers who specialize in that sort of thing. Also, we'll need people with the willpower to actually write articles instead of copy-paste them from Wikipedia. So, that's my Super Special Awesome Idea. Is it good? Discuss plz.

Edit: Whoops, forgot to sign it.

So I just put four squigglies, right?

Hungry Munchkin 15:55, 4 November 2007 (UTC)

Yay, it worked.

This suggestion is great, and seems to be the only way of sensibly organising a wiki like this. However, I don't think you need to say "Sonic the Hedgehog (Games)". You can have the games information just at "Sonic the Hedgehog", since I don't think anyone would disagree that it is the "main" continuity. But it'll take a lot of work, from many editors all working together. -- Supermorff 15:21, 16 February 2008 (UTC)