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Hi guys. I've been thinking alot about Sonic Colors. After thinking about it for sometime I've decided to make a top five list of things that could make Sonic Colors the best Sonic game ever. So let's begin with...

5: Chao Garden


Haven't seen these guys in awhile.

The Chao Gardens were a neat little addition to the Adventure games so why not make them return in Colors, or even add a Wisp Garden if possible. It would be cool to raise your own Wisps or Chao after you rescue them.

4: A good story and cool characters


Who cares about this guy and his backstory?

Man I could just sit here and talk about how bad Sonic 2006's story was and how bland and lifeless the new characters introduced were, but that would take way to long. Bottom line, most Sonic stories these days are kinda dull and at times laughable. The characters introduced aren't much better. So SEGA, don't expand on the cast because we all know if you guys introduce a new character you'll just use them for this game and then forget about them. Don't mess up the story either.

3: Metal Sonic's Return

Metal Sonic 17

A boss battle with this guy would be awsome.

Who dosen't want this guy to return as a boss? It would awsome to play as Sonic fighting his robotic doopleganger once again. There's a chance that he'll be in Sonic 4, but I would love to have him in Sonic Colors.

2: Special Stages

SonicHeroesScreen1--article image

A race for the Emeralds once again.

Now that Sonic is goin to space once more think of the possibilities of what a Special Stage would look and play like. There might be some sort of motion controls in them like in Sonic 4, you'd probably have to use the Wisps to progress and it would add more replayability to the game. This could be an excellent addition if done right.

1: Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow as unlockable characters

ASR Shadow

Imagine playing as Shadow without the guns and vehicles once more.

This would be such a cool addition. I loved playing as Shadow in SA2 and Tails and Knuckles were also nice additions. These guys are some of my favorite Sonic characters and they would make awsome unlockable characters.

Well those are my Top 5 ways to make Sonic Colors even more epic than it allready looks. What are your's? Please comment and leave you're oppinions here. --Speeddasher

Hm, I don't think the chao would have much of a place in Colours, being that Sonic Colours, though simular to day-time stages in Unleashed, may not have hub stages where Sonic's speed is nerf'd so no chao gardens. Im not saying I don't like chao (love 'em) but since Sonic likes his games fast pace, I don't think chao have any room in Sonic games unless it involves a story and perhaps other characters which may go against your fourth reason. Chao are more for past time when not doing action stages or progressing with the games story, Sonic colours will have a story but it seems to be a simple rescue story like the old games. Technically the wisps are the latest new characters with a backstory and it's no suprise they will be forgotten. But, I like them more than Chip. But yeah, Metal Sonic, Special Zone and unlockables will be fun. ^^--Mystic Monkey sez 12:46, July 29, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, we don't need a different story for different characters, they could easily do what they did on Sonic Rush Adventure. And Metal Sonic needs to make a proper return as a villain, 7 of the 14 games he's been in, he's just been an unlockable or secret character. It would be good too to have to work hard to earn the last story too. Myself 123 12:58, July 29, 2010 (UTC)

Mighty the Hedgefox I pity the fool Mr.T
I agree with everything on the list, but you forgot one thing... MUSIC! What ever happened to the catchy BGMs in the Genesis games?

Is it bad that I like Mephiles and hope for his return? He is my favourite villain for being Sonic's world equivilent of a "demon", which I do admit makes him a rather deep character for Sonic games but if not over-done he would be an interesting character for the series.--Mystic Monkey is a proud MonoBook Wikian. 21:44, May 12, 2012 (UTC)