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Hi, it's me again. If you've seen my previous (not to mention first) topic, you've probably guessed that I'm a HUGE fan of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. I've always been curious in this game as to when Knuckles's storyline takes place. Certain things in the game when playing as him, such as the fact he doesn't get to fight Sonic/Tails (which, in my opinion, would've made the game much more difficult), and the fact that the ghosts have already been released in Sandopolis, would imply that his story takes place after Sonic's/Tails's. However, some other things, like how Sky Sanctuary is still intact, and the hole in Sandopolis that caused Sonic/Tails to fall to Lava Reef (whereas Knuckles simply bypasses this hole), would imply that his story takes place during or slightly after Sonic's/Tails's. Feel free to post your opinions on this in the forum. --SSRider 05:12, 5 July 2009 (UTC)

Knuckles story does take place after Sonics story with or with out tails. But my guess would be that the Sky Sanctuary was pulled back together after Sonic saved the Master Emerald on Dooms Day zone. As the Master Emerald returned to its pedestal the Master Emerald put the Sky Sanctuary back together. The Sandopolis part I dont know about. There is also a possabilaty the Knuckles story does take place dering Sonic story as Mecha Sonic could be fighting Knuckles for the Master emerald and when Knuckles get the emerald back to the pedestal Sonic/Tails comes in after completing Lava Reef Zone and all Knuckles thinks that Mecha Sonic and sonic are on the same side so he fights Sonic/Tails but then eggman shows his true colors. But that would not explane the ending scene after Knuckles story when Knuckles gets the Master Emerald as Sonic is seen flying the tornado P.S Sonic and Knuckles is my favrite Sonic game--

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I wish I'd found this before I made that edit a few days ago on the Launch Base Zone page. I said something like "As Knuckles' storyline takes place after Sonic's, this would suggest that the Launch Base was left intact unlike Robotnik's earlier bases". Turned out to be wrong though, or at least there is no evidence. I was a bit surprised really, I totally thought it was true! Still I don't mind being wrong, as long as I get told :-) Birdzofafeather 14:52, July 15, 2010 (UTC)

I'm not entirely sure but Sonic 4 gives an official story of what order. Myself 123 09:40, July 16, 2010 (UTC)

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My aunt(sonic team employee snice cd or chaos) said it was 2 to 4 days after doomsday zone. But i was nine when she said that so i maybe wrong.