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how is migthy and what are he abilities.

Mighty the armadillo used to be a hack in Sonic 1 but then he is part of the chaotix but now that charmy is a part of the chaotix they took away mighty. Thats why espio sometimes seems depressed is becouse he is thinking about mighty

But there is a game where you can play as mighty type in sonic smash bros flash then unlock mioghty it may take a while to unlock him but try . BY Sonichog4 if you have a question just ask me

On Sonic News Network theres a search engine, put in the name of your question there and search. BTW Mighty the Armadillo --Mystic Monkey 22:11, 7 December 2008 (UTC)
Mighty is a character that appeared in "Segasonic The Hedgehog" Where he is a Playable character besides Sonic and Ray. Read the Mighty the Armadillo link for more information.