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I'm a sonamy fan so I would know.#1,Sonic is a hedgehog,so is Amy.#2,have u seen sonic with sally kids tails(by the way is a boy) kids etc?
Most people like Sonamy because Sonic is the main character and Amy is the 1st female major character in the actual video games. So most of those people say it makes just as much as sense as Mario and Peach in the Mario series. Honestly, I believe love support groups are pointless: espesically in the Sonic fanbase. Yuji Naka himself stated he will never actually have Amy marry Sonic. He imagined Amy to always be chasing Sonic, not setting down as easily as the fanfiction and fanart show.SonicMario

Why do people like SonicSally better than other Sonic girls? It's purely subjective. 04:43, 13 March 2008 (UTC)CSD

Personally, I prefer Silver-Blaze, but thats cos I have a lot in common with Blaze. (Hence the name) Silver is so cool, but the funny thing is that I've never played a game with Silver in it. Unless you count "Sonic and the Secret Rings" and "Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity". 20:38, 14 April 2008 User:SilverBlaze

i rather prefer sonicxblaze as the very first sonic game ive played was sra i took to blaze as im so like her in many ways & i also like sonic a lot anyway this is my view - blazecream18

Sonaze 4ever!!! I like other couples too, like Knuckles and Tikal,(So Rouge can get Shadow or something), Shadouge (sometimes), Shadow and me, Tails and Cream (they're so cute together!), and Knuckles and Rouge (Sometimes...)--Cloverfang 11:43, 1 June 2009 (UTC)Clover the Cat

My fave couples:

  • Sonic+Amy
  • Sonic+Tails
  • Silver+Blaze
  • Shadow+Maria
  • Knuckles+Sara
  • Tails+Cosmo
  • Knuckles+Rouge
  • Mighty+Honey
  • Tails+Marine
  • Shadow+Kit(Me)
  • Vector+Razz
  • Charmy+Melody
  • Jude+Serene
  • Kyle+Hearts
  • Fang+Hearts
  • Radic+Krystal
  • Aeiral+Peace

Couples I hate with all my heart:

  • Shadow+Amy
  • Shadow+Rouge
  • Knuckles+Amy
  • Sonic+Sally
  • Knuckles+Julie-Su
  • Any gay couples except for Sonic+Tails
  • Fang+Rouge
  • And many more...

BTW Kit, Razz, Melody, Jude, Serene, Kyle, Hearts, Radic, Krystal, Aeiral, and Peace are my fan characters, so they belong to me!--Kit the Cat 21:38, 1 June 2009 (UTC)