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Four-way Cannon

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Four-way Cannon
4-way cannon
A four-way cannon
Statistics and Overview
First appearance

Sonic Generations
(console/PC versions)
(Only appearance)


Launches the user in a given direction.

The four-way cannon is a gimmick that appears only in console/PC versions of Sonic Generations. It is able to launch Modern Sonic up, down, left, or right. When a four-way cannon appears, it usually indicates a shortcut. It appears in Rooftop Run Act 2, Planet Wisp Act 2, Crisis City Act 2, Speed Highway Act 2, Chemical Plant Act 2 and Seaside Hill Act 2.


Unlike the Cannon, Modern Sonic must not simply approach the four-way cannon, but must jump or fall into it in order to provoke an action. Once Sonic enters the four-way cannon, he curls up into a ball and spins inside it. A green arrow appears to direct the player, who must hold the analog stick in the direction that the green arrow is pointing and press the jump button. the four-way cannon will then launch Sonic in the designated direction. Should the player shoot Sonic in the wrong direction, Sonic will still be fired in the direction the player designated, but with much less force. If the player waits too long to launch Sonic, Sonic will automatically be dropped straight down with his tripping animation.


  • This gimmick is very similar to the Accelerator Gun as they have the same attributes.


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