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150px-Fox Box Logo (2002-2004)

The logo.

Quotation1 What's inside the FoxBox? Quotation2
— FoxBox slogan

FoxBox (simply known as Fox Box, FOXBox, FoxBOX, FOXBOX, FBOX or FoXBoX) is an action block from FOX started in 2002. It airs anime and animated programming (e.g. Kirby: Right Back at Ya! or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) This block also airs Sonic X. In 2005, this block changed to 4Kids TV.

The Fight for the FoxBox

There is a standalone crossover show titled The Fight for the FoxBox which starred a few television shows including Sonic X. In the intro it shows the FoxBox promo. Suddenly the promo started to scrambled then later it shows a static. 1 second later it shows the FoxBox test card that is not real then a second later a villian says "Goodbye, FoxBox!" The website for bringing FoxBox back on the air was "" There is also no credits just showing how to "Get the FoxBox back!" is to "go to now!"

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