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For the Sonic the Hedgehog character of the same name, see Frances (Sonic the Hedgehog) (2006).

Frances (フランシス Furanshisu?), also known as Francine, is a character in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. She is one of Christopher Thorndyke's best friends.


Frances has ginger hair and freckles. She wears deep coral overalls. At the age of seventeen, she wears a pale green long-sleeved shirt under a green sleeveless shirt, and yellow pants.



New World Saga

Frances was a part of Chris' class when they receive undercover G.U.N. agent Mister Stewart as their new homeroom teacher so he could keep track of Sonic and his friends through Chris and his classmates.[3] Frances was also among those who enjoyed been tutored by E-51 Intelligente after he threw out Mr. Stewart and took over the class, but when Dr. Eggman arrived and threatened to disassemble E-51 if he did not do as the doctor originally commanded, Frances was taken prisoner by E-51 until Sonic arrived to destroy him and free the class.[4]

She soon joined Chris, along with Tails and Amy, when they traveled to Tingalin Villa to locate the third Chaos Emerald, not realizing they were being tailed by Mister Stewart. They were soon attacked by Eggman and his E-35 Funfun, but Sonic arrived to destroy Funfun and rescue them before following Eggman back to his base and getting back the two Chaos Emeralds in Eggman's possession before Eggman's base got destroyed by explosives planted by a GUN commando team.[5][6]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Frances later joined Chris on a field trip to Mister Tanaka's homeland of Japan, where they soon discovered a Chao colony there, and were confronted by Eggman with his E-66 Da-Dai-Oh. However, Sonic managed to destroy E-66, and clean up the lake at the heart of the colony after it was dirtied by mud from E-66.[7]

Frances was with Danny and Helen when Sonic returned to Station Square as the Egg Fort II arrived to retrieve the seventh Chaos Emerald. Whether or not she bore witness to the fight between Sonic and the Egg Fort II as the E-99 Eggsterminator is unknown.[8]

Chaos Saga

When Perfect Chaos launched his flooding of Station Square, Frances got evacuated from the school with Danny, Helen, and the other students. Mister Stewart joined them to usher them to safety, directly violating his orders from his superiors at G.U.N. to return to headquarters because of the situation with Perfect Chaos.[9]

Shadow Saga

Because of him directly disobeying orders from G.U.N. headquarters, Mister Stewart was taken out of his assignment as Frances and the other kids' homeroom teacher and reassigned to aid Scarlet Garcia with investigating Project Shadow. Frances afterward saw Chris and his family off as they moved to the capital until the Thorndyke Mansion could be repaired from the damage sustained from Perfect Chaos' attack.[10]

Emerl Saga

Post-Homecoming Saga

Six years after Sonic and his friends had returned home during Project Homebound, Frances and Danny would meet up with Helen and Chris to reminisce on all the good times they had with Sonic and his friends and hope that they would be able to visit them once Chris finished his work on the portal to Sonic's world.[11]

Metarex Saga

When Chris went to Sonic's world alone, Frances would help Helen and Danny with their attempts to get the portal to Sonic's world working again using the notes Chris had left them. When Chris' parents arrived one day with a note from him, Frances, alongside Helen, Danny, and Chris' grandfather Chuck, assured them that Chris was fine over in Sonic's world.[12]

Archie Comics


Frances is a cheerful and energetic girl who thrives on excitement that would leave her other classmates feeling ill.[1]


Christopher Thorndyke




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