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Freezer Mobile (フリーザーモービル Furīzā Mōbiru?) is a boss from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. The player will encounter this boss vehicle in the end of Icecap Zone Act 2. Freezer Mobile takes eight hits to defeat and takes place in a wide arena.

Freezer Mobile is created and piloted by Dr. Robotnik, and possesses extra armor and refrigeration tubes. Below the Freezer Mobile is a radiator tube which has a small platform with spikes on the bottom. Both the radiator tube and platform can blow cold blasts of freezing air that can entrap the player in a block of ice, rendering them susceptible to damage when the ice shatters.


After arriving in the battle area, Dr. Robotnik extends down the radiator tube and starts hovering back and forth on the screen. During the battle, the Freezer Mobile fires a cold blast in one of three directions: either left or right out of the weapon extended from the bottom, or down from the bottom of the Freezer Mobile itself. For a short while after the fight begins, these blasts will occur in a regular pattern from left-center-right-center etc, but after that it comes in a random order. In some cases, Dr. Robotnik will even fire a cold blast downwards twice in succession. If the player gets into the firing line, the playable character will be frozen and unable to move, similar to the freeze guns in IceCap Zone. If the player has Tails as partner, he can release Sonic from the ice prison regularly before he gets damaged.

After landing six hits on the Freezer Mobile, it causes the main radiator tube of the Freezer Mobile to break up. Two more hits are required to defeat it, preferably from the front. The only real threat to the player at this point is the icy gas leaking out of the back of the damaged Freezer Mobile which still has the same effect as before. After two hits, Robotnik flies away while mobile gets destroyed.

When playing as Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, EggRobo will retract the platform just after firing the icy gas to the sides, making the jumps very hard to execute. Super Sonic can easily destroy the Freezer Mobile thanks to his increased jump height (and his invincibility) but when playing as Tails (who has no Super State normally available here) the boss must be defeated in a more conventional way.


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