This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Friar Buck is a deer and a member of the Crazy Kritter Freedom Fighters along with Rob O' the Hedge.


Friar Buck

Friar Buck as a Robian.

He was roboticized by the High Sheriff but de-robotictized by the Bem, and subsequently rejoined Rob in the fight against the Xorda.

Later on, Rob had left the Mercian Freedom Fighters to protect his family from the Dark Egg Legion. However, the Chaotix - Vector, Espio, and Charmy - had came along, and Buck, along with the other Mercian Freedom Fighters - Bow Sparrow, Thorn the Lop, Munch Rat, and Alan Quail - helped them defeat G.O.O.N.s. With that, the Chaotix ask if they have had seen their friends Mighty and Ray. They say yes, but not in sometime. After taking care of the two Chaotix members and then, in a scenario of the Legion forces attacking the Hideaway, Mighty and Ray leave them after knowing that Mighty's sister was roboticized five years ago by Friar's notes and with Bow's signal to leave to Snottingham Castle. And so, Friar, the Mercian Freedom Fighters and the three Chaotix members leave to Lord Hood's Fortress, as they will both save villagers from Mercia and possilby Mighty and Ray if they were captured. (SU #46)

Friar Buck, along with the Chaotix and Mercian Freedom Fighters, helped villagers from Deerwood Forest escape Lord Hood's dungeon. However, Lord Mordred Hood then came with his minions, but they were defeated easily. However, Lord Hood hypnotized the Freedom Fighters to stop saving villagers, but Vector came and punched him in the back. Friar and the others escaped the fortress after briefly being surrounded by G.O.O.N.s and Lord Hood and his minions via Warp Ring. (SU #47)


  • Friar Buck is a reference to folk character Friar Tuck in the legends of Robin Hood, just as Rob O' the Hedge is a reference to Hood himself.
    • His name could also mean a reference to a friar, which is a holy priest, and that Friar Buck is nicknamed a "holy man."

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