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The Froglodytes are a group that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. They are a horde of villainous anthropomorphic frogs that live in the sealed-off Froglodyte Caves below Seaside Island.


Characteristics and culture

The Froglodytes are intelligent, but the majority of them are villainous, violent, monstrous and aggressive (there are exceptions to this behavior though). Akin to thieves, they seek to ravage and loot other settlements of their possessions and valuables, all while causing unwarranted destruction.[1][2] Possessing a tribal-based society, they have a chief acting as their leader while the rest fulfill the roles of soldiers.[1] They all primarily wear the same dark clothes, although there are prominent members who wear more distinguishable attire befitting their occupations.[1][2] In their caves, they live solely off of a form of white "mystery slob."[2]

The Froglodytes are very traditional, so it is obligatory for all members to follow their customs, whether they like it or not.[2] The tribe has its own military as well, which all of them must participate in. Here, soldiers are put through rigorous training regiments. A task master oversees the soldiers' training while straightening out any disobedience that might surface. In case of an invasion, the drill instructor serves as the commander of the lesser soldiers.[2]

The Froglodytes' lifestyle is rather simple, bordering on primitive. Most of them worship a god named Frogymandias, whom they offer sacrifices to, no matter how measly since their resources are limited. They also have very few modern commodities, such as electrical appliances, and their weapons consist of fairly old-fashion spears and clubs. As such, any finer commodities introduced to their society are greatly appreciated.[1]

Having been described as a "horde", the Froglodytes are immensely large in numbers. This attribute makes up for their tribe's general lack of strength, allowing them to swarm and overwhelm otherwise more powerful foes.[1][2]


TV series


For the past several years, the Froglodytes have remained in the their caves where they would worship Frogymandias, train, and live off of "mystery slob." While most of them were content with their customs, Og, a peace-loving Froglodyte who did not fit in with his people, would on the other hand live a miserable existence in the caves.[2]

Season one

Frog god

The Froglodyte chief speaking to the Frogymandias idol.

After being trapped in their caves for some time by Sticks the Badger, who blocked the only exit out of the caves in her burrow, the Froglodytes noticed Amy unblocking the exit, prompting them to invade Sticks's Burrow. Despite resistance from Team Sonic, the Froglodytes took Sticks into their caves to sacrifice her to Frogymandias. However, they were stopped by Team Sonic, who rescued Sticks and trapped them in their caves again. The Froglodytes were not too upset though, as they got new furniture from what Team Sonic left behind.[1]

Season two

Froglodytes defeated

The Froglodytes at Team Sonic's mercy.

When Drill Bot's drill dug down to the Froglodyte Caves, Og used the passage it made to escape to the surface of Seaside Island and seek a better life. When the Froglodyte Task Master found the drill however, he used it to let his horde invade the Unnamed Village from underground. While plundering and ravaging the Village, the Froglodytes would overwhelm Team Sonic, but with Og's aid, the team drove the evil Froglodytes back home and sealed their new tunnel.[2]


  • Froglodyte is a portmanteau of the words "frog" and "troglodyte," the latter of which typically refers to a person who lives in a cave.


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