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The is a monochrome handheld game console manufactured and sold by Tiger Electronics. The was originally developed to compete directly against Nintendo's monochrome Game Boy portable console. The console however, ended up competed with many others handheld video game console such as the Neo Geo Pocket Color, Sega Nomad, and Game Boy Color.


Sonicjam 2

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Sonic Jam for

This console was notable for sporting many ambitious features, including a touch screen, PDA functions (phone book, calendar, and calculator), and internet connection functionality[1]—functions that would later be implemented into the vastly more successful Nintendo DS.

Tiger had previously created handheld LCD games for Sega franchises (such as Sonic the Hedgehog), so Sega granted Tiger permission to use some game licenses for their system. Sega did not actually make the games themselves, but outsourced the development to Tiger. In all, only about twenty games were released for the system until it was discontinued in 2000, having been deemed as a commercial failure.

Sonic gamesEdit

Only a single Sonic game was ever released for this system:

This game is a handheld version of Sonic Jam which was originally released for the Sega Saturn.


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