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Professor Gazebo Boobowski would have been the father of Tiara Boobowski. He was a character created for the cancelled video game Sonic X-treme. In the most known storyline, he and his daughter were the guardians of the six magical Rings of Order, as well as the ancient art of Ring smithing.

"Sonic Mars"

In the "Sonic Mars" storyline by Michael Kosaka, King Cyberooski was the elderly and benevolent leader of Micro Mobius. The King Cyberooski concept evolved into Gazebo Boobowski.


In the "SonicBOOM" storyline by Christian Senn, Sonic the Hedgehog met Professor Boobowski, the only man in Mobius who can save him. He told Sonic that he needed to collect the cure ingredients from different worlds as quickly as possible. Professor Boobowski would have taken the ingredients from Sonic as he gets them and begins preparing the wonder cure. Dr. Robotnik kidnapped the professor just prior to Sonic acquiring the last ingredient.

"Sonic DOOM"

In the "Sonic DOOM" storyline by Christian Senn and Richard Wheeler, Gazebo Boobowski was the only man who knew the Cure to the deadly DoomVirus, "Booby" lived rather eccentrically in his Castle of Light on top of the hill. A passion for the unknown led this kooky little man to the study of everything about Chaos Emeralds.


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