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First appearance

Sonic Advance 3

Biographical overview

Dr. Eggman

Physical description



None (referred to as male)

Color scheme

Black, grey, yellow, red



Alignment and character traits

Good (formerly evil)


Cream and her family


Dr. Eggman

Powers and abilities

Gemerl (ジーメル Jīmeru?), also known as G-merl,[1] is one of the main antagonists in Sonic Advance 3. He is a Gizoid created by Dr. Eggman from the data from Emerl, essentially making him a reincarnation of said Gizoid, but not the same individual. When Eggman broke the earth with Chaos Control, Gemerl aided the doctor in his attempts to stop Sonic and his friends from fixing the planet. Gemerl ended up betraying Eggman to cause mayhem, but was defeated and reprogrammed in the image of his predecessor.


Gemerl bears a great deal of resemblance to (and derives his name from) Emerl, the prototype Nocturnus Clan Gizoid whose development forms the core of Sonic Battle's story, due to being built from Emerl's data. Unlike its incarnation Emerl however, Gemerl has a black, yellow, and grey color scheme, blue eyes with red rims, and has several sharp fin-like objects attached to his arms, legs and head.


Gemerl was created by Dr. Eggman sometime between the events of Sonic Battle and the beginning of Sonic Advance 3 to be the ultimate fighting robot by using Emerl's data as a basis for him.[2][3] This supposedly gave Gemerl some of Emerl's hardware and memories.

When Dr. Eggman broke the earth into seven pieces with Chaos Control to conquer each piece, Gemerl was deployed to help Eggman prevent Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends from undoing his work. Gemerl intercepted the heroes several times, but was defeated in each encounter and had to retreat. He would also join Eggman's side, as part of his mechs, whenever the doctor confronted Sonic and his friends personally, only to be beaten and flee with Eggman. Eventually, Gemerl made a final stance at the Altar Emerald with Eggman in the Hyper EggRobo, but they lost once more. With Sonic and his friends having restored the Earth, Gemerl and Eggman tried to escape until Gemerl's battle damage made him unstable and destructive. He then flew at Sonic and stole the Chaos Emeralds from him, which he used to transform into Ultimate Gemerl. Gemerl then betrayed Eggman and escaped to cause havoc. In space, however, Gemerl was confronted by Super Sonic and Eggman, who defeated him and Gemerl reverted back to normal as he disappeared in a large explosion.

Gemerl new home

Gemerl living with Cream and her family.

Landing back on Earth, Gemerl's broken body flushed up on a beach where he was found by Cream and Vanilla. He was then taken to Tails who repaired Gemerl and turned him back to the peaceful Gizoid he was based on. Remembering Cream from his past life, Gemerl befriended her and came to live with Cream and Vanilla in a peaceful existence.


Initially, Gemerl lacked any kind of true personality, though he would display some of Emerl's traits over time, supposedly due to containing his data. When serving Eggman, Gemerl behaved as an emotionless machine and was completely obedient and unwavering loyal to the doctor. After receiving damage at Altar Emerald, however, Gemerl gained a sense of free will and acted similarly to Emerl under his original programming, becoming aggressive, hostile and bend on causing destruction. After being rebuild by Tails, Gemerl became a kindhearted, gentle and supportive robot, much like Emerl near the end of his life.

Powers and abilities

Being created as the ultimate fighting robot, Gemerl is built for combat. Due to also being based on Emerl's data, which is loaded with millennia worth of battle information, he presumably possesses a high level fighting skills.

Gemerl possesses a jetpack on his back, allowing him to either fly through the air, perform powerful midair spin attacks or move along the ground at super speed. He is also quite durable, being able to withstand being blow up and still continue to function. Additionally, he can teleport, fire barrages of missiles, and create a red energy shield around himself.

Gemerl also has the ability to "merge" with other machines and, as such, co-piloted all of Eggman's mech vehicles.

Super transformation

Main article: Ultimate Gemerl

Ultimate Gemerl

With the seven Chaos Emeralds, Gemerl can assume a super transformation into a much stronger form named Ultimate Gemerl. This form has four extendable arms with claw-like hands that can fire freezing energy beams and launch missiles. Its only weak spot is its blue gem, which is protected and impossible to harm unless Super Sonic charges Eggman's Egg Mobile with energy and throws him at Ultimate Gemerl.

Apperances in other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Gemerl (Archie)
Gemerl Archie

Gemerl in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Gemerl has a personality similar to that of Shard the Metal Sonic. Much like in the game, Gemerl was original one a weapon-based android of Dr. Eggman's, but was converted to good after his betrayal of Eggman and came to live peacefully with Cream and her family near Mobotropolis. Gemerl would come to the aid of the New Freedom Fighters when M'egga Man attacked, but was swiftly defeated by the Roboticized Master.





  • In Sonic Battle, if Emerl's colors are set to Tails Color 1, Rouge Color 2 and E-102 Color 3, Emerl will look like Gemerl.
  • Gemerl's artwork pose is the same pose that Emerl does in one of his Sonic Battle artworks. This is presumably to further enforce how Gemerl is a copy of Emerl.
    • Additionally, his fighting pose when he stands still is exactly the same as Sonic's in Sonic Battle.
  • Metal Sonic 3.0 looks similar to Gemerl because they share the same color palette. Coincidentally, they are both copies of other robots.
    • Additionally, the multiplayer Shadow Android has the same color palette as Gemerl. They are both copies of someone considered to be the ultimate life-form.
  • Gemerl's named is based off Emerl's. The difference is that a "G" is added before "emerl".
  • The History of Sonic the Hedgehog confirms his name to be Gemerl. This information is found in the trivia section for Sonic Battle.





  1. The only time Gemerl's name is shown is on the official Japanese website and strategy guide, where it translates to "G-merl"
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