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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X anime or comic continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
Quotation1 The countdown marking my final revenge on this world has begun! In a few minutes, you will be destroyed! Soon, Space Colony ARK will hurtle through the atmosphere and crash into this world with cataclysmic force! Quotation2
Gerald Robotnik, "Showdown in Space".

Gerald in Sonic X

Professor Gerald Robotnik (プロフェッサー・ジェラルド・ロボトニック Purofessā Jerarudo Robotonikku?) is a character in the anime series Sonic X. He is the grandfather of Doctor Eggman's and Maria Robotnik. He is a world-renowned scientist who experiments with unique discoveries mainly at Space Colony ARK.


Many years ago, Gerald created Space Colony ARK, trying to develop the Ultimate Life Form. After the Biolizard, he finally created the Ultimate Life Form, Shadow the Hedgehog. It is unknown if he created Shadow with Black Doom or not. However, Maria died trying to protect Shadow from G.U.N. (although in the dub, they took her away.), because the military feared Gerald would use it to take over the world. Gerald was then imprisoned at Prison Island, taking on a new purpose: get revenge. He was able to compel Shadow into getting revenge on Earth. He was found out and executed, but not before creating a video revealing his plan when all seven Chaos Emeralds were put into the Eclipse Cannon.


Space Colony ARK

Space Colony ARK was the creation a lab of Robotnik before G.U.N. came and killed Maria. It was then sealed off.

The Eclipse Cannon

The Eclipse Cannon is a weapon on Space Colony ARK with enough firepower to destroy an entire planet. It needed the seven Chaos Emeralds to power it, although it was demonstrated that with six Chaos Emeralds, it can destroy half of the Moon. It is unclear why Robotnik created it, though.

Bio Lizard

The Bio Lizard was one of Robotnik's prototypes of Project Shadow. It needed a life support system, so it was no use to Robotnik and he sealed it away at the core of the Eclipse Cannon.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow is Robotnik's most successful creation, although it is unclear how he was created. Shadow could go as fast as Sonic, teleport using Chaos Control with just one Chaos Emerald and transform into Super Shadow.


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