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Get 'em! Parasol Diving is a mini-game in Party Mode from Sonic and the Secret Rings.


Hold the Wii Remote vertically and tilt left/right to move. Hold vertically without tilting to descend more slowly.


Each character holds a blue and yellow parasol in his/her hand, descending through the sky. As the players descend, they encounter gold medals and silver medals. However, should a player touch a cloud, he/she will be stuck in it until he/she reaches the top of the screen. However, if the player shakes the Wiimote, he/she can escape the cloud more quickly. The objective of the game is to collect as many medals as possible while avoiding clouds before the 60-second time limit runs out. Gold medals are worth three points each, and silver medals are worth one point each. The player with the most points when the time limit runs out wins.

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