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The Ghost Condor is the boss of Sky Babylon from Sonic Rush Adventure. It is fought by Sonic or Blaze. It was created by Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega.


As the name states, Ghost Condor is a giant, robotic snake-like-thing. It is mostly green with gray spikes, orange stripes, a red jewel on its head, and dark-gray parts on the lower torso. It has lime green under its mouth. It also has two green platforms with some yellow.


After reaching Captain Whisker, he reveals that he's looking for something but doesn't want to reveal too much. So he sends the Ghost Condor to destroy Sonic and Blaze.

After the Ghost Condor's defeat, Whisker runs away but leaves behind a tablet that's in another language. Marine offers to translate (but can't read it) and Blaze steps in and translate. Mentioning of a floating landmass, much like Sky Babylon, that fell into the sea. Tails wonders about the landmass and what connection it could have to the pirates. If the player heads to Sky Babylon first, Blaze will suggest heading toward Blizzard Peaks.


At the start of the fight, the Ghost Condor will fire mines from his tail, and sometimes, he'll fire a green one, which the player can use to get to the top screen and damage him. After reaching the top screen, the player must land on one of the "wings" to stay on the top screen to keep hitting him. After a while, he'll fire a missile in an attempt to hit the player. If the player falls off, they'll have to repeat the process. As the fight goes on, the player will start to speed up and the Ghost Condor may send green fish-like robots that the player can also use to reach the top screen. Sometimes, he'll drop down to the bottom screen and perform a spin attack towards the player, but is rather easy to dodge. He may also send one of his "wings" down and three spikes will appear. If it's to the side, the player must jump at the right time to avoid it. If it appears at the top, the player must simply move left or right to avoid it. After enough hits, the Ghost Condor will drop down and will not attack or do anything until the player jumps up and hits the jewel on his forehead. If the player takes too long, he'll regain some health and the fight will continue.


  • Its appearance is similar to Egg Hammer Mega on the Leaf Storm stage from Sonic Rush.
  • When launched into the air by the green mines, fish-like minions or rebounding off the Ghost Condor, Sonic/Blaze can perform tricks but because the Super/Fire Boost can't be used in boss fights, the tricks apart from Hop Jump and Axel Tornado are merely useless in this case but with the two said tricks, it can help the player to stay up on the wings and continue hitting the Ghost Condor.
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