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Ghost Pendulum (ゴーストペンデュラム Gōsutopende~yuramu?) is the second boss of Sonic Rush Adventure. It is the boss of Machine Labyrinth. It was created by Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega.


Ghost Pendulum is a giant, robotic pendulum. It has three long legs (each end of has a colored sphere, being the colors of red, light blue, and yellow). It has a face, mechanised to look like a pirate, which is dark blue and with glowing light blue eyes. It has grey stripes and a red jewel on it's head with dark along with light blue stripes on its legs. It also has a gray platform known as the lower torso (that appeared on Egg King, one of Eggman's or Eggman Nega's previous creations).


To damage the Ghost Pendulum, the player must hit its pendulums using the Spin Jump/Axel Jump with such momentum that it swings upward and strike at the Ghost Pendulum's weak spot. The Ghost Pendulum has three different colored pendulums but the battle starts with a cyan one and is the smallest and lightest that doesn't require much momentum but deals the least amount of damage. After a few hits, a yellow pendulum will come out. This one is bigger, a bit heavier and requires more momentum and hits to make it reach the head, but deals more damage than the cyan-colored pendulum. After a few more hits, a red pendulum will appear. The red pendulum is the biggest and heaviest, meaning that it requires more hits to make to reach the head but inflicts the most amount of damage among the three to the Ghost Pendulum.

At this point, the Ghost Pendulum will start slamming the ground with his bottom half, creating an energy wave that the player must jump over to avoid damage. Halfway through the fight, the pendulums pop out spikes at random times (but it can be predicted by the pendulums flashing red) which can harm the player. When the Ghost Pendulum's health is completely down, it will fall to the ground, giving the player a chance to hit a jewel on his head (his weak spot) directly. After the hit, Ghost Pendulum will explode. If the player takes too long to hit it, the Ghost Pendulum will rise up, reconnect its pendulums and recover some health back and the fight continues. 

In normal difficulty, already at the start of the fight the cyan pendulum will pop out spikes and all pendulums do this more frequently. Its shockwave attack also is used more frequently starting after the yellow pendulum is attached. In addition, after attacking with the shockwave, a small penguin-like robot (resembling the robot the Egg Libra spawns from Sonic Rush) spawns that will crawl around the stage in attempt to attack the player by simply moving towards him/her. It can be destroyed easily by a Spin Attack.





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