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Ghost Titan is the boss of Big Swell from Sonic Rush Adventure and the penultimate boss of the game.


After Sonic and Blaze defeated Captain Whisker and his partner, Johnny, they ran away but Marine (who everyone thought stayed behind on Southern Island) caught up to Whisker to try and capture him but was captured herself. Tails noticed that she was captured and Whisker was about the "torture" her with "Mr. Tickler" (which is presumed to be the Ghost Titan). Tails then came up with a plan to distract Whisker, by saying that the Jeweled Scepter was "over there". While Whisker was distracted, Sonic spin dashed at the Ghost Titan's hand, freeing Marine and Blaze caught her. The player then fights the Ghost Titan.

After beating the Ghost Titan, it explodes and Sonic and Blaze narrowly escape and watch the Big Swell sink into the sea. Sonic comments that it is finally over and the rest of the group turn to Marine and state that what she did was risky. Sonic then says that "What counts is that it all worked out fine..." and asks Blaze about the Jeweled Scepter. Blaze believes that it might have sunk to the bottom of the sea along with the pirates. Marine then reveals that she stole the Jeweled Scepter from Whisker when he wasn't looking and everyone heads back to Southern Island and return the Jeweled Scepter to its rightful place.


The Ghost Titan is mainly out of reach so the player must use one of the two cannons that appear on either side of the platform. However the cannons are protected by a force field and any contact with it will deal damage. The Ghost Titan will bombard the platform with small fish-like drones which come in two variants: red and green. Some will approach the ground and explode on impact while some will follow the player. The player can knock the green drones (by using a Spin Jump/Axel Jump on them) into the force fields to damage them or knock the red drone directly at the Ghost Titan to damage it. The Ghost Titan's other attacks can also be used to damage the force field.

After taking enough damage, the force field will disappear, leaving the cannon exposed. The cannon will fire a damaging wave across the ground during intervals; jump in order to avoid this. The player must hit the firing point of the cannon enough times in order to enter it. Once this happens, cross-hairs will appear and the player must press WiiDSA. If the player presses WiiDSA just as the cross-hairs overlap, the player will be able to hit to the Ghost Titan, dealing massive damage and can be followed up with weaker before the player is knocked back to the main platform; otherwise, the cannon will only fire the player at the Ghost Titan and be hit once before returning.

The Ghost Titan's other attacks include firing a laser with its cannon at the platform; first it will take aim at the player before firing; simply stay away from the targeted point, detaching one of its arms and slam at the platform from the background; avoid it by constantly moving and detaching one of its cannons that will appear above the ground and fire lasers at the ground as the cannon moves across the platform. At times, the Ghost Titan will fly down and will either try to punch the player (sometimes in succession) or fire an array of gunshots before returning back to its initial airborne position.

Repeat this process until the Ghost Titan's health is down. As the fight progresses, the attacks become more frequent and become harder to avoid. There will always be a cannon on either side of the stage which means less room for the player to dodge the Ghost Titan's attacks but the player can use its attacks to damage their surrounding force fields to use the cannon. When taking aim at the Ghost Titan, the cross-hairs move in increasing erratic patterns, making it harder to take aim for a critical shot. In fact, for the final shot, the player has to land a critical hit to proceed.

As the Ghost Titan drops down to its defeat, it will perform a final attack, firing two lasers that begin at either ends of the platform and will move towards the center. If the player touches the lasers, it is an instant death. When the lasers get close, its head will fall just into range for the player to jump up and deal the final blow, ending the fight.


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