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The Giant Frogs play an important role in the Sonic Heroes stages Frog Forest and Lost Jungle.


The frogs have the ability to summon rain, either making plants and Mushrooms grow rapidly or destroying them. The green frogs allow the characters to access new areas of the jungle by growing plants, while the black frogs impede the characters' progress by making plants wither and die. The frogs are easily startled, and this causes them to activate their powers.

Team Chaotix have to avoid detection from the frogs during their mission in Frog Forest. This may require Espio to use Leaf Swirl to turn invisible, allowing him to sneak through the frogs undetected.


  • The green frogs bear a strong resemblance to Froggy. This fact is pointed out by Big during Team Rose's mission.
  • In two-player mode, the Green frog has brighter shading.
  • On Microsoft related machines, the dark rain has Photoshop's soft light blending applied to the screen effect; The GameCube version has a multiplicative blending applied and the PS2 has the same alpha channel as the regular Frog Rain effect. The Xbox version causes unusual shadow graphic issues to happened at the moment during the dark rain.


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