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The Giant Millipede (きょだいヤスデ Ki ~yodai yasude?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. They are a large type of woodlouse-like insect that are a natural part of the wildlife on Earth.


Giant Millipedes are mainly a light blue. They have three large pink spots on their backs and a single pink spot on their faces, small pink spots on the tips of each of their four pink feet, and pink eyes. A light blue stripe runs horizontally along each side of their bodies.


Giant Millipedes can only be encountered in the Mystic Ruins. Their basic attack is spitting a type of blue saliva on the opponent. Their POW moves are Roller Ball (ローラーボール Rōrābōru?) and Regenerate (じこかいふく Ji ko kai fuku?).


Number of actions 1[1]
HP 80[1]
Speed 5[1]
Attack 14[1]
Defense 12[1]
Luck 6[1]
Damage 20[1]
Armor 15[1]
Resistance Wind (25%)[1]
Water (50%)[1]
Weakness Fire (25%)[1]
Ice (10%)[1]
Lightning (10%)[1]
Earth (10%)[1]



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