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Gilbert Grumpy from Sonic the Comic #122. Black and white art by Carl Flint and colour by John M Burns.

Gilbert Grumpy is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an elderly turtle resident of the Metropolis Zone. He is exceptionally proud of his garden, and likes everything to be perfect, to the extent that he considers even denting the blades of grass on his lawn to be property damage. He claims to have the neatest garden in the Zone, and has won the Weedless Patio Trophy from Popular Compost Magazine.


When weeds from the Doom Seed began sprouting in Gilbert Grumpy's garden, he was horrified. He was even more horrified when Sonic the Hedgehog ran over his strawberry patch while saving him. Sonic ushered him into his own shed for protection from the weeds,[1] but he soon became trapped when the weeds constricted the shed. Again, Sonic managed to get him free, and he immediately objected to Tekno the Canary using a drilling machine to dig a hole in his lawn. However, she explained that they needed to drill in order to find the source of the weeds.

When the Doom Seed was destroyed, all of the weeds on the surface withered and died. Gilbert Grumpy was quite pleased about this, since he could use the weeds in his garden as compost for his rose bushes.[2]


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