This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Glint is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a Mobian dragon and was the one of the dragon elders of his colony. He later became the leader of the dragon community in Vesuvio.


In the time before when Dr. Ivo Robotnik went after the dragons on Mobius, Glint was one of the most revered elders of his dragon colony, which included Sabina and Dulcy. After a horde of Dr. Robotnik's SWATbots' attacked Glint's colony and roboticized many members, Glint stopped a young Dulcy from going after her mother who had also been roboticized. Regrouping with the few dragons that escaped from the colony, Glint led the survivors to Vesuvio for them to live in isolation from the surface world. Joining up with other surviving dragon tribes, the dragons established a community in Vesuvio with Glint in charge. Glint then made all contact with the "upper-world" forbidden and violating this rule meant permanent banishment.[1]

Years later, Glint learned that Dulcy had left Vesuvio to interact with the outside world and sentenced her to permanent exile. Additionally, he gave Dulcy the ultimate punishment for a dragon by having her nose ring replaced with a golden inhibitor ring which prevented her from using her fire breath.[1]

In 3237, when a group of Robian dragons invaded Vesuvio, Glint was unwilling to accept Dulcy's help when she arrived and had her chained to a pillar. However, after Dulcy broke her inhibitor ring and used her fire breath to turn the tide of battle and save the colony by destroying the Robians, Glint changed his mind about Dulcy. Though Dulcy wept at the loss of her mother, who was one of the destroyed Robians, Glint comforted her by revealing that as dragons, her mother and friends would be reborn later on. With an unanimous decision from the Vesuvio council, Glint welcomed Dulcy back to the colony, making her the dragons' official liaison to the outside world.[2]

Powers and abilities

As a Mobian dragon, Glint possesses magical properties that grant him a variety of different innate skills and powers. By utilizing the wings on his back, Glint is capable of wing-borne flight. Also, because of his short arms, Glint has a highly prehensile and dexterous tail.[3]

Glint possesses the ability to perform different forms of elemental attacks. He can breathe flames from his mouth or fire freezing bolts from his nostrils. He is also capable of air manipulation, which lets him inhale massive amounts of air and use it to either add it to his mass which will increase his weight and mass significantly, create smoke-screens to hide from enemies, or blow gale-force winds when exhaling.[3]

Like other dragons, Glint possesses a pure heart which enabled him to detect falsehood, allowing him to tell whether a person is lying or not.[3]


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