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The Globe of Enrokk is a move that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a magic spell used by Ebony.


When successfully cast, a sphere of light surrounds the target's head and inside the globe, the target sees whatever they want to see, thus subduing them for a while. Unfortunately, it is a difficult spell to perform and puts a lot of strain upon the user.[1]


Ebony was shown using the Globe of Enrokk upon Super Sonic, who had returned to his old evil self and gone on a rampage in Metropolis Zone. It worked, and Super Sonic believed he was causing an immense amount of damage, creating a live volcano and smashing Mobius' moon into the planet. While Ebony struggled to maintain the spell, Pyjamas formed a Mind Link with the demon, erasing his memories of turning evil again. When Ebony finally had to break away and end the spell, Pyjamas' plan had worked and Super Sonic had returned to his pacifist state.[1][2]


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