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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Quotation1 Of course, of course. Why would you wanna stay with us after we made you this incredible meal? Quotation2
Gogoba Chief, "Guilt Tripping"

The Gogoba Chief[4] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is an anthropomorphic chinchilla and the chief of the Gogobas, a tribe who uses guilt-tripping to make other obey their whims, from Gogoba Village. He also runs his own pawn shop as his source of income.[2]


The Chief is an elderly humanoid chinchilla about the height of Tails. He has grey fur with white fur on his front torso, the innards of his ears. On his muzzle he has a small white beard that is held together by small bands. He also has a bushy tail, long and curvy ears with bushes at the points, a small black nose, long front teeth and golden eyes. His attire consists of a crown made of a yellow band with purple spots and long green leaves, white gloves, a small green cape and flat sandals with green bands. He usually walks around with a bamboo quad cane. He's also one of the characters like Fastidious Beaver with 3 toes.


TV series

Season one

The Chief once participated in the Gogoba edition of the "Pawn Shop Wars" television show, where he guilt-tripped Wolfie into selling him a can for 200 bucks.[5]


The Gogoba Chief and Sonic having a stand-off.

While home, the Chief and his people were plundered by the Weasel Bandits until Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails saved them. Seeing Sonic and Tails as potential protectors, the Chief and his people guilt-tripped them into staying against their will until they had no choice but to remain. Sonic and Tails tried giving them their own defense system, but the Chief and his people botched it up on purpose. While Sonic and Tails later managed to leave by guilt-tripping the chief, the chief and his village moved to Sonic's Shack so Sonic could protect them. After getting caught in an Dr. Eggman attack, however, the Chief and his people were guilt tripped by Sonic into coming with Eggman to his lair where they kept bothering the doctor.[1] Eventually, the Chief would return to his village.[2]

Some time later, the Chief and his fellow villagers had a game of Limbo with Sonic in on it. The next day, he met Sonic again when his cart shop's wheel broke off and guilt-tripped the hedgehog into fixing it.[2] The chief later went on vacation, only to be get his foot stuck under a rock due to the Lightning Bolt Society. Though Sonic came to check on him, the Chief was left behind when Sonic had to got stop some Bee Bots, making the chief contemplate about chewing his leg off.[6]

ObliteratorBot Buttocks

The Gogoba Chief getting ambushed by Obliterator Bot.

Another time, the Chief and several Gogobas came to the Village Center to see Bro-Down Showdown live, only to flee when Obliterator Bot attacked the Village.[7] The Chief later went to the Robot Battle Royale, where he saw Eggman steal Tails' Hypno-bot at the end.[8]

Season two

When stuck under a cart, the Chief's accident was covered by news journalist Sticks the Badger until the Chief's guilt trips made Sticks realize she had sold herself out to the media. While the Chief tried to join Sticks' subsequent revolt movement, he remained stuck and was soon calmed down.[9] The Gogoba Chief was later in the Village Center when Orbot and Cubot asked him for a ride in his waggon, but the Chief guilt-tripped them into changing their minds.[10] When Knuckles then wanted to join the Gogobas, the Chief welcomed him. However, he cast Knuckles out once he noticed he was too helpful and kind to be one of them (though not before he had Knuckles fix the local well).[11]


The chief letting Amy and Bea into his village.

Finding Amy and Bea in Gogoba Village, the Chief let them hide from Dr. Eggman in his village while Eggman looked for Bea. However, he accidently let Bea out for Eggman to recall when checking on the duo.[12] A while later, the Chief got stuck on a rock in a lava river with some villagers when an erupting volcano's lava engulfed Gogoba Village. Nonetheless, he and his people were saved by Sonic and Steve Eggman when Team Sonic came to their aid (with the Chief guilt-tripping the heroes all the way).[13]


At first glance, the Chief is a nice, positive, and incredibly selfless individual, offering the best of what he has available to others and does not wish others to petty themselves with him and his village's troubles despite their misery. He is likewise patient and composed, if not passive, as he remains calm and non-confrontational in any situation.[1] Underneath his friendly exterior though, the Chief is lazy, deceitful, shrewd and a cunning manipulator. A guilt-mongerer, he knows how to prey on people's guilt; much of his daily speech naturally centers around instilling guilt in others during conversations. He likewise usually serves his tribe and his own self-interest first and foremost.[1] With these skills, he makes others obey his requests whenever he wants to get out of work, even if it is against his victims' own will.[1][2]

The Chief is a strong follower of the Gogobas' gult-mongering customs, meaning he will disapprove of anything that insults his tribe's way of life.[11] That said, the Chief is not without a good-willed consciousness as he too can be guilt tripped by other's needs[1] (although he will never admit it[12]). When realizing he has been outwitted, the Chief is willing to accept defeat, albeit rather poorly.[1]

Powers and abilities

Like the rest of his village, the Chief is an expert at manipulating others using guilt. When talking with others, the chief seeds guilt by casually noting how his service to them leads to horrid costs for him, causing his victims to feel downright terrible and allowing him to make requests they cannot refuse.[1]





"Oh, its okay. We know how busy you are. Within a few months, this will turn into compost and we will able to grow new food to eat."
—The Gogoba Chief when Sonic tries to refuse the feast they prepared for them, "Guilt Tripping"
"Yeah, go, leave us. Goodbye forever."
—The Gogoba Chief after being defeated by Sonic and Tails in guilt tripping, "Guilt Tripping"
"Hey, do you have any unsalted butter? Its not a problem if you don't. I'll just have an allergic reaction that'll make me smell like feet, but don't worry about it."
—The Gogoba Chief in Dr. Eggman's lair, "Guilt Tripping"


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