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The Gold Chao.

A Gold Chao is a Chao that is hatched from the golden egg found in Station Square in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. It also appears as a purchasable Chao in Sonic Advance.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure

In this game, the golden egg can be found in a luxury items store. First the player must go down to the lawn/garden area where Sonic had fought Chaos 0, placed close to the store where the egg is found. The player will see a rock shaped like an egg:

  1. The player must pick it up and bring it to the store.
  2. The player must then take the golden egg off its place, which will then cause the player to be locked in the store.
  3. The player then must put down the golden egg, and pick up the rock.
  4. The player should then place the rock on the place where the golden egg was, unlocking the store again, so the player can get out of the store.
  5. The player can now take the golden egg to the Chao Garden and grow the Chao.

Sonic Advance

Golden Chao eggs can be bought in Sonic Advance's Tiny Chao Garden for a thousand rings.


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