Quotation1 Once that gold robot captures his victim, he'll warp you to another dimension. Be careful. Quotation2
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The Gold Klagen (ゴールドクラゲン Gōrudokuragen?) is an upgraded version of the regular Klagen and an enemy in Sonic Heroes. They are found in BINGO Highway for Team Dark and Team Rose, Bullet Station for Team Sonic and Team Chaotix, and finally in Bullet Station plus Casino Park and Lost Jungle and in Robot Storm for Team Sonic and Team Dark.

Attack patternEdit

Heroes GoldKlagen

The Gold Klagen.

Like their normal counterparts, Gold Klagens are jellyfish-like robots that grab the player's teammates. What makes the Gold Klagen more dangerous than its predecessor is its ability to travel through dimensions. If a teammate is not rescued quickly enough, it will warp to another dimension and take the teammate with them. This removes him/her from the team completely until a Team Blast is used or the player reaches a checkpoint. They have six HP, and they award four hundred points when destroyed.


  • The Gold Klagen will release a team member after about 20 seconds depending on the character captured. If the team member caught is not necessary to advance the next section of the stage they will be released. If they are required to advance the Gold Klagen will float away from the player three times in an attempt to get out of reach of the player's attacks then disappear.


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