For the Material with the same name in Sonic Lost World, see Gold Material (Sonic Lost World).

Gold Materials are collectible objects that appear in Sonic Rush Adventure. It is a type of Material from Blaze's world which is used for building and/or upgrading vessels.


Gold Materials resemble nuggets of a gold-like substance. Despite the substance's apparent consistency, it is very versatile in building a number of devices.


In gameplay, the Gold Materials are used in conjunction with other Materials to build and/or upgrade vessels for traveling the Sea Chart of Sonic Rush Adventure. The player can earn Gold Materials by clearing Sky Babylon's acts and boss. The Rank the player gets from clearing Sky Babylon determines the amount of Gold Material earned:

Rank No. of Materials earned
S Rank (Sonic Rush Adventure) 4 Materials
A Rank (Sonic Rush Adventure) 3 Materials
B Rank (Sonic Rush Adventure) 2 Materials
C Rank (Sonic Rush Adventure) 1 Material


Gold Materials are use to construct/upgrade the following vessels (not including other Materials):

  • Deep Typhoon:
    • Creation: 5 Gold Materials
    • First upgrade: 3 Gold Materials
    • Second upgrade: 5 Gold Materials

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